Jennifer Nicole Reindl has a simple explanation for her little son's recovery from the brink of death due to severe brain injury

"It's a miracle," says Reindl USA TODAY and cites her belief that the Hand of God is behind everything.

Trenton McKinley, 13, of Mobile, Ala., Was so close to dying of brain trauma from a commercial vehicle accident that his parents signed papers to donate his organs to five separate children who needed transplants.

But the day before Ore doctors would plug in on his life support systems in March, Trenton showed signs of mental alertness, according to WALA, a FOX affiliate in Alabama. Trenton now says that he went to heaven before he was brought back to earth.

"I was in an open field and went straight," said Trenton WALA. There is no other explanation except God, there is no other way, even doctors said it. "[194559] More: Did Father Solanus Casey help to heal a Panamá woman?

Trenton's March accident came when he was turned over in a towed car

"I hit the concrete and the trailer landed on my head, after which I do not remember anything," Trenton told the station.

Rushed to hospital for emergency surgery Seven skull fractures, Trenton "died 4 times (and) once for 15 min The last time they brought him back, he had no brainwaves, a damaged brainstem, and his heart was beating just for the (adrenaline ) ", wrote Reindl

On a fundraising page for medical issues, Reindl noted that Trenton's" kidneys failed due to lack of oxygen after his cardiac arrest. "

Doctors said the next time his heart stopped, they had to let him die … or I could sign a paper to donate his organs to save five other children … so I signed it , .. I knew he would not hesitate to save 5 more lives, "the mother wrote on Facebook.

But Trenton retired from the fringe, as his mother claims, has objected to medical explanation Updated on March 29 Reindl posted her Facebook page to point out that Trenton was throwing baskets in the hospital gym with a protective headset.

"Today he went to the gym for the first time and from his chair in perfect shape he made 4 baskets playing basketball He is now back in the room … praise the Lord … He heals every day has his full memory and speaks every day about his school friends. "

While Trenton's path of recovery will continue and his full obstacles is Reindl full of gratitude.

"God has done for my son what he has done for himself …. and I am so honored to have him back, that is my testimony … God is good" she wrote

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