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The Browns selected Ben Roethlisberger four times, defeated the Steelers 48-37 in the wild card round, and dated the Chiefs

Pittsburgh-Ok JuJu, these are really no longer Old Brown.

As if the Browns needed more motivation to enter Heinz Field and beat the Steelers for the first time since 2003, Pittsburgh receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster dismissed them this week and encouraged them to wave their hair and take the ball away last week. Five times on the day, defeated the Steelers 48-37.

By the end of the game, they had selected Ben Roethlisberger four times, who threw 501

yards and won the replacement game 5-0. He also threw four vehicles.

This victory-the first playoff game since the 2002 season and the first postseason victory since the 1994 season-earned them a journey to the Divisional Tour against the Super Bowl champion Chiefs (14-2) in Kansas City next week.

This game is 3:05 pm on CBS Sunday.

Their head coach Kevin Stefanski was stuck in the basement of COVID-19 without any sense of taste or smell. The coach of the special team Mike Priefer was born. He was born in Cleveland and Grew up among fans of the Browns. The role of the head coach.

If all goes well, Stefansky will return to the sidelines of Kansas City next Sunday.

The Browns practice once a week on Fridays, practice on Saturdays themselves, and then head to Pittsburgh.

“I really want to congratulate our fans. I am one of them, so I know what it means. “That was a great team victory. We compete in three stages, which is a huge victory for our team and our city.

“I tell these guys that I admire them very much. I respect them they have gone through so much adversity in schedule changes-they never slack off. They take every meeting very seriously. …As coaches, we might be. Worry more about them… they have a lot of flexibility and have done it all year long.”

How do we know that Smith Shuster’s words aroused the Browns?

Brown’s defensive end Myles Garrett vowed Friday that they will go out and prove him wrong.

Then about 4 1/2 hours before the start of the game, Baker Mayfield (3 TD, 0 INT) posted a message on Instagram, “Brown is Brown”. This is a snippet of the catcher’s inflammatory quote. In his speech, he said: “They are the Browns I have played every year. I think they are anonymous gray faces. There are a few good players in their team. But, in the final analysis, Brown is Brown… Play once.”

Mayfield said: “Specifically, it is not about this.” Earlier Sunday, his “Brown is Brown” response. “It’s the same, yes, but no matter what, we trust the people in the meeting room. … We know that everyone is counting us. We know what kind of mentality we are going to have, and that is to relax and Give us everything we have.”

It doesn’t matter, because of this virus, Brown does not have four players, including starting left back Joel Bittonio and cornerback Denzel Ward, and four assistant coaches.

They also lost the game in the second quarter with a hamstring injury to Jack Conklin’s right foot tackle. Then in the second half, Bittonio’s substitute Michael Dunn was promoted in Saturday’s practice game. He was replaced by Blake Hance, who was signed by the Jets’ Browns last weekend.

Mayfield said in an interview with NBC after the game: “Michael was injured. A man named Blake introduced himself to me before the start of the fourth quarter of the game.”

The Browns, who have never won the playoffs since defeating the Patriots 20-13 in the field card round after the 1994 season, participated in the game with the slogan “We want more” and their message was clear. The playoffs are not what they want.

On Friday, Garrett sent a notice to the Steelers, “These guys are hungry, and we will bring them to them.”

That’s what they did. In the first game of the game, Karl Joseph stole an airdrop from center Maurkice Pouncey in the final zone, making the game 7 seconds in just 14 seconds. -0 lead. Come on, JuJu ended in a 17-game losing streak in Pittsburgh. Take the Big Ben 22-2-1 against the Browns as an example.

By the end of the first quarter, the Browns had achieved an NFL playoff record of 28 points due to the other two games. One of them was an interception by MJ Stewart. The second round was a 30-yard return, which resulted in the 40-yard Jarvis Landry caught and ran the TD. Another Sheldrick Redwine player was blocked on a pitched ball at the end of the quarter, which resulted in a bruised 8-yard Kareem Hunt game that ended 28-0.

But Brown had one takeaway left in the first half and Porter Gustin was intercepted after Vincent Taylor’s batting pass. The Browns, who had lost Conklin at the time, did not score any points in the third interception, but why should they be greedy, right?

The Steelers finally entered the scoreboard with 1:44 in the James Conner game with 1:44, but Mayfield passed to Austin Hooper with a 7-yard TD. (Austin Hooper), rushed to the top with a score of 35-7, and Chris Boswell nailed 49 yards. Over time, the deficit reduced to 35-10.

35 points tied the Browns record for most points scored in any half of the playoffs.

Of course, under the leadership of Pittsburgh or Big Ben, no lead is always safe. He threw two third-quarter touchdown passes, Eric Eblon for 17 yards and Smith Shuster for 5 yards. , Reducing the deficit to 35 -23 with 2:57 left in the third game, it is even possible to put Stefanski at the end of the sofa.

The Browns hit a three-pointer in the next game, but Mike Tomlin chose his 46th and 4th and 1st shots in the first game of the fourth quarter, which is worth it Doubtful decision. The Steelers delayed the Browns offside on the punt-then the Browns went to the Jaguars.

Jarvis Landry grabbed two big passes, and then Nick Chubb grabbed a short pass and threw a 40-yard touch on the defender. To score, the game reached 42-23 with 12:32 remaining.

But Roethlisberger fired on the field, completing a 25-yard pass to Smith-Schuster and a 29-yard TD pass to Chase Claypool, and went close to 42-29 when he left at 11:08. The pass at two points failed.

Priefer implored the Browns not to let the Steelers return to the game in the second half, and they persisted until the last minute. They scored a 24-yard field goal with 4:28 left to cap their 13 games and scored 45-29.

Priffer said that when the Steelers tried to make up for profits, he was deeply impressed by how Mayfield continued to attract offensive players on the court.

Priffer said: “This guy has amazing self-confidence very well.” “I like the way he handles adversity. When Pittsburgh starts to come back, we know they will, and whenever they score or get a good performance, Baker will talk to the offensive and offensive lines on the sidelines to prepare them.

“When Pittsburgh came back in the second half, his response was impressive.”

Mayfield called this victory a “stepping stone” to where Brown wants to go.

Mayfield said: “No one here is satisfied.” “…There is a new standard and we will try to keep it that way.”

For the fourth time, Sione Takitaki took off Roethlisberger with 3:16 left. The Browns defeated Roethlisberger 48-29. Subsequently, the Steelers ended the game with a 11:1 score late in the TD.

Stefanski set the tone of the week by reminding players on Monday that “14 of those teams want to win the Super Bowl.” Little did he know that he would test positive for COVID-19 with four other people the next day, so he had to miss the game. But the Browns served as acting head coach with Priefer and offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt as their caller, and they brought it to Steelers.

Conklin made it clear that Brown “wants to win the Super Bowl and bring it to Cleveland.”

Now they can continue to try to do this.

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