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The Brexit hardliners were defeated as assistants to the exit of British Johnson

LONDON-Abrasives, a former tabloid reporter for ordinary intercom, Li Cain, a Brexit activist who was tied to their fate by Boris Johnson and rewarded the fatness in Downing Street when he became part of the prime minister’s tight team last year.

However, on Wednesday, after Cain lost his power struggle, his luck ran out, resigned as the head of public relations, and left him with a broader question: As the Brexit trade negotiations entered the final stage, Johnson Will it oppose hardliners? The Brexit faction helped him power?

Now, people are yelling at the future of Johnson’s most influential and divisive assistant Dominic Cummings (Dominic Cummings), the chief designer of the Brexit referendum that left the army. Also Cain̵

7;s political patron.

When the palace was infuriated, the British Prime Minister faced a sudden shift in political power, elected a new anti-Brexit US president, and exerted increasing pressure to reach a post-Brexit trade agreement with the EU.

The high-profile transaction will avoid the risk of tensions with the United States over the Irish border, such as President-elect Biden has made it clear that he is determined to maintain the fragile peace process in Northern Ireland.

Critics (some critics in Mr. Johnson’s own Conservative Party) are dissatisfied with the dominance of the Downing Street Group led by Mr. Cummings, which is good at campaigning and purging political opposition during Brexit, but has been We are carrying out relatively plain treatment work, especially in the crucible of the coronavirus pandemic.

“They have been weakened,” said Anand Menon, a professor of European politics and foreign affairs at King’s College London. He added that they are out of step with changing political trends. “They do look a bit like 2016,” he added.

Recently, conservative lawmakers have publicly announced that they have been excluded from pandemic policy decisions, especially regarding the blockade policy. On Thursday, Charles Walker, the influential vice chairman of the 1922 Back Seat Committee, told the BBC that “people have been dissatisfied with Operation 10 for some time.”

The catalyst for Cain’s death was a plan to recruit a spokesperson to participate in a White House television news briefing.

Although Mr. Cain liked the idea very much, he was not enthusiastic about Johnson’s decision to appoint former journalist and broadcaster Allegra Stratton. Ms. Stratton, who once served on the left-leaning Guardian, has never instigated a culture war or adopts the sharp, controversial tone preferred by Brexit hardliners.

When there were rumors that after Mr. Johnson promoted Mr. Kane to the post of chief of staff, he would have both. The rebound was quick. Critics reviewed his past experience as a reporter for The Daily Mirror, during which Mr. Cain dressed in a chicken suit to mock the former Conservative Party leader David Cameron (David Cameron) For the name.

According to the BBC, Johnson’s fiancée, Carrie Symonds, was reportedly opposed to Cain’s promotion plan.

The dispute ended late on Wednesday, when Mr. Cain issued a statement saying that he was honored to be “requested to be the chief of the Prime Minister’s Office” but decided to resign after careful consideration.

Cain’s departure provided Mr. Johnson with an opportunity to reorganize his team-some analysts believe that this reorganization is outdated because he faces the combined economic pressure of the pandemic and Brexit. They predict that even if the United Kingdom strikes, This can also cause damage. Trade agreement.

Vernon Bogdanor, a professor of government at King’s College London, said: “In January next year, this government will be under tremendous pressure.” “Unemployment may increase and will face more government intervention. , Redistribute income and reduce the pressure of inequality.”

This social-democratic approach will test Conservative backbenchers because it may require the government to do things that the Conservatives usually hate, such as raising taxes. But Mr. Johnson is ideologically flexible. As Mr. Bogdano pointed out, the Conservative Party is “not an ideological party, but a pragmatic party”.

More directly, the apparent weakness of the hardline Brexit faction in the government may indicate that, given all other pressures, Mr. Johnson may have decided that he cannot risk a no-deal Brexit and is ready to compromise to reach an agreement. With the European Union.

Among these new pressures is the presence of Mr. Biden, who opposes the “voting fake” agenda and will take a serious view of a UK that is further developed between the UK and the EU. Mr. Biden has warned Mr. Johnson not to negotiate with Brussels in a way that endangers peace in Northern Ireland.

Mr. Johnson has been following a series of radical strategies that ostensibly bear the mark of a “voting leave” task force. The legislation he proposed would violate the government’s commitment to post-Brexit Northern Ireland and may lead to the implementation of a hard border in Ireland.

But many analysts believe that, because of Mr. Biden’s existence, in any case, he no longer has a leveraged posture.

Mujtaba Rahman, an analyst at the Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy, said that the threat to resurrect the border in Ireland “is a strategy to use the European Union.” In a world where Trump has won, the strategy It may be confirmed, and it may even be strengthened. But, of course, with Biden, this will be untenable. “

Mr. Rahman said that Mr. Biden will not only defend Ireland’s interests, but he also sees the rift between the UK and the EU as an obstacle preventing the UK from becoming an effective partner of the US on global issues, such as standing with Russia. . And China may respond to climate change.

The fate of Mr. Cummings will be an important clue to the direction of the Johnson administration. Earlier this year, he kept his job even though the rogue travel clearly violated the coronavirus rules. This episode illustrates his importance as the premier prime minister, who rashly wore political thoughts.

Mr. Menon said he would not be surprised if he saw Mr. Cummings leaving Downing Street with Mr. Cain.

He said: “He is part of a tribe. If he sees his tribe being weakened, it is possible.” “But Cummins probably has realized that governance is not as easy or as fun as he thought. It takes patience, diligence and cooperation with others.”

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