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The black coach’s reaction to the Wolves crossing David Vantpur—undefeated

“They are always moving the goal posts.”

Those aspiring and qualified black coaches and general managers often say these things, and their wealth of experience has never been enough to win the NBA dream job they dream of. When Ryan Sanders lost 103-99 to the Wolves in the New York Knicks and dropped the Wolves’ record into the league, the Minnesota Timberwolves chose to leave the team to fill their head coach vacancy. appearing again. -Worst 7-24.

Instead of promoting the black assistant coach David Vanterpool, the organization hired the white Toronto Raptors assistant coach Chris Finch. To be fair, Vinci is qualified for the job, but in the middle of the season, it is not typical for the franchise to be eager to hire a new coach from another team.

“What should we do? College coaches? What are we going to do? What is the blueprint?”

; a long-time black NBA assistant coach said to “Undefeated.” “Someone helps us because obviously what we know now does not help us.”

The 47-year-old Vanterpool’s resume is definitely worthy of guidance. Vanterpool (Vanterpool) was a professional player, worked in the NBA, Continental Basketball Association and overseas for 12 years, from 2012 to 2019 as the assistant coach of the Portland Trail Blazers. star. (After Vanterpool’s death on Sunday, both Lillard and McCollum spoke on social media.)

Vanterpool left Portland in 2019 to serve as the deputy head coach of Minnesota’s rebuilding. In the past season, he also accepted open interviews with the New Orleans Pelicans, Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls.

With 41 games left in the Timberwolves season, the immediate expectation is that the team will promote Vanterpool on a temporary basis to see if he is worth a full-time job. Cleveland Cavaliers head coach JB Bickerstaff and Rockets head coach Stephen Silas (Stephen Silas) are both Black, and both were interim head coaches before. Providing Vanterpool with the opportunity to serve as an interim head coach may be a way for him to complete his job as a head coach full-time in Minnesota or elsewhere, and he has done a good job. But Ventpur was forgotten by Finch, an old colleague of Wolves president Gersson Rosas. Vanterpool, who declined to comment on the matter, accepted the opportunity to remain in the workforce.

In a league’s 30 teams, there are currently 7 black NBA head coaches, and approximately 75% of the players are African-American. The news that Vanterpool did not become eighth shocked the black coaching team.

“This is typical of black coaching experience in the NBA,” a black NBA head coach told The Undefeated. “They will use your skills in difficult times, but when it’s time to reward you, they always seem to find a reason not to do so and expect you to continue to be a good soldier.”

Another black NBA coach told The Undefeated: “Fire Ryan. Hired Finch that day. Passing by David Vanterpool. Crazy. Shake my head.”

According to sources, Rosas had decided before Sanders was fired that Vantpur was not a suitable replacement. However, Vantpur has a close relationship with several Wolves players, the most famous of which are Karl Anthony Towns and Karl Anthony Russell. The source said that Towns was not consulted during the recruitment process.

Towns said at a press conference on Tuesday that he is happy for Vinci and that he will support him, but he also spent some time acknowledging that Vantpur is an amazing coach.

Towns said: “I want to take the time to get to know the excellent work done by these assistant coaches, especially David Van Tepoel.” “People of color should have the opportunity to be a head coach in this league. If I don’t For the excellent work he did and what he has meant for this organization since he stepped here, I will be fired.

“I’m very excited to be coached by Vinci and play for him, but I also want to get to know the people of color that we have in this coaching team, especially those who will soon become the head coach of the league. I will be very excited for him for a moment.”

For now, Vanterpool will have to wait.

The Wolves will be led by Finch, a former coach of the British national team and has more than 24 years of coaching experience in the NBA and G League. Before coaching in Toronto, Finch, 51, was the Pelicans’ deputy head coach from 2017 to 2020, assistant coach of the Denver Nuggets in 2016-17, and Rockets from 2011 to 2016. Assistant coach.

In Houston, Vinci served as the head coach of the G League Rio Grande Valley Viper (G League Rio Grande Valley Viper) under the leadership of Rosas. Vinci led the Snakes to a 67-33 record in two seasons. In 2010, he won the championship title and the Dennis Johnson trophy (the best coach of the G League of the year).

By accepting a job in Minnesota, Finch became the first assistant coach to leave the team during the NBA season and became the head coach of another team because the Memphis Grizzlies fired Mark Avaro in 2009. Ninety later hired Lionel Hollins from the Milwaukee Bucks.

When Rosas got the head coach he wanted, he Now, some people question the importance of adding value after Winterpool is addicted to diversity. For him It is commendable that during his tenure, the Wolves hired Sachin Gupta of Indian origin and others as executive vice president of basketball operations, black assistant general manager Joe Branch, and hired a woman, Bri Bauer, as vice president of communications and engagement. term of office.

Before becoming the NBA’s first Latino basketball operations president in 2019, Rosas talked to “Invincible” about his dream for Latinos in the league.

Rosas said: “The beauty of our alliance lies in its diversity.” “It is not only the background or culture, but also the way of thinking. This is not only a method. You have different perspectives in the organization, which is to have the team present. The value of the Shanghe team off-site. I am very keen to integrate them.”

Rosas said at Vinci’s introductory press conference on Monday that he was considering replacing Sanders with Argentine-Italian Pablo Prigioni, an assistant to Vanterpool and Wolves. But he thinks the best way is to look beyond the organization.

Rosas said: “We are doing very thorough and hard work here.” “If you talk to any of our employees, especially any of our coaches, we will invest a lot in them, I hope those guys can Success. I don’t think anyone at any time will think that I will teach candidates who I think can help us at the highest level. The reality is that as we work hard in this process, our focus, our goals, we The goal is where we cannot continue now. We cannot continue.

“Where is our record, we are playing on both ends of the floor. This is what led us to this decision. This is what led us to change. And, for me, if we do anything All must have a purpose. Once the opportunity with Toronto is in place, we want to boldly and directly do this. We are very aggressive, because with Chris, we have a common vision here and we have a common philosophy , And have confidence in his ability to influence the team. Unfortunately, due to our efforts over the past year and a half, from an internal perspective, the ability to change this narrative will become difficult.”

In the end, Rosas hired Vinci and signed a multi-year contract. According to sources, he did so without interviewing qualified and diverse coach candidates. So even if Vanterpool is not that guy, of course there are many other coaches worth interviewing. A long-time black NBA scout told The Undefeated that he was surprised that Rosas did not consider various candidates.

Towns said he knew the reaction of coaches of color who didn’t think strongly about the start of the Wolves coach.

“For my job, there are many outstanding people of color here. They have the opportunity to lead the team, run the organization, and have the opportunity to leave their mark in this league, instead of wearing a jersey, but wearing a suitable one. Also, what I said is meaningful,” Towns said.

“But, like I said, if I don’t mention the great work done by David Vanterpool, I’ll be fired. As a man who looks like me, I can’t wait to see He found a job that enabled him to flourish and served as the head coach and managed a team. We are honored and honored to invite him to this coaching team and continue to learn from him and absorb him from his career All the wisdom and experience you have to become a coach.”

Of course, overcoming the worst record in the NBA will be a daunting task for Van Tepoor. However, the list of qualified African-American assistant coaches in the NBA will celebrate and support such an opportunity. Instead, Vanterpool is forgotten and lacks diverse coaching candidates. This is just the latest example of moving goal posts for black NBA coaches.

A longtime black NBA assistant talked about young black coaches who wanted to become a head coach:

“It’s frustrating.”

Marc J. Spears is the senior NBA writer of “The Undefeated”. He was able to slam dunk at you, but he couldn’t do it for many years, and his knee is still injured.

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