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The best Black Friday TV deals of 2020: 32-inch smart TVs, 65-inch LG 4K OLED TVs are now available, and Sony TVs are coming soon

This story is 2020 holiday gift guide, CNET’s gift selection, as well as expert advice, reviews and suggestions on the latest technology gifts for you and your family.

This year, like everything else, Black friday It will be different from Cyber ​​Monday.Major retailers such as Walmart with Best Buy Sales started earlier this holiday than ever before, and sales were dispersed a few days ago and within a few weeks Black friday itself (Technically speaking on November 27 this year), the most important thing is to pay attention to online orders and roadside contactless pickup to maintain social distance.

No matter where or how you shop, this is the best time of the year to get amazing deals on TV.Below you will find all Best Black Friday TV If you are looking for a new TV market (for yourself, or as a gift!), we know the deal now. Please note that prices and stocks may change without notice, but are accurate at the time of publication.

note: The next update will be after 9pm PST on November 1

3th (Friday), when we expect Wal-Mart to add more real-time transactions to its website.

Best Buy

TCL is famous for its Roku TV. We prefer the Roku smart TV system to the Android TV version in this TV, but at this price, you only need to buy a Roku Streaming Stick Plus, connect it to this TV, and you still can Normal use first. In addition to intelligence, we also hope that the performance of this 4 series TV is “good enough”, just like Roku.

Please note that this was $50 cheaper last week, so it may appear again-but for now, this is still a big deal on a 55-inch smart TV.

David Katzmaier/CNET

Compared to the best-selling movies on this list, the best TV we have ever reviewed ranks second in the entire league, but if you are willing to pay for it, it will be great and inexpensive. It may be lower, but not too much.

The 65-inch version is also sold for $1,897. Read our review of the LG CX series.

What is better than the best 55-inch TV we have tested? Larger version. This is the best price at LG CX’s annual best price point, and it is large enough to appreciate its excellent image quality. We do not expect prices to fall further this year, but even if the prices fall, the price decline will not be significant. Read our review of the LG OLEDCX series.

Best Buy

We have not reviewed this product, and based on its specifications, we don’t want it to match the image quality of the best 75-inch model, but if you put a large image on top of everything else, this is the cheapest we have seen The price is for a 70-inch TV. Like the TCL above, it runs Android TV.


In Target’s early Black Friday promotions, the best TV deal was on another 70-inch TV that we haven’t reviewed yet. LG’s OLED device (see below) will provide better images, but if you can’t afford a better TV, and the Hisense above is not attractive to you, then this is still a good price.

The best Black Friday deals are coming soon

The following transactions are not yet available, so if you click to enter the merchant, the sale price will not be displayed. Be patient and deal with Pradawan.


We have not reviewed this OLED, but we hope that its image quality will be similar to the LG CX mentioned above (such as: Spectacular), starting at Best Buy on November 22, the 65-inch size will be $100 cheaper. By then, CX may get its own price drop, but it may not drop afterwards.

Look for this deal that started on November 22.


Technically, this is a transaction after Black Friday, but it is enough to include it anyway. This is an amazing price on a 50-inch TV, so hopefully it sold out almost immediately.

Black Friday deals are sold out or expired

The following transactions have disappeared, but since they may come back at any time, we will keep them here for now.

Speaking of TCL, this is the best price we have seen on a 55-inch TV this year. It is basically the same as the 55S425 that we really like, and is only half of the lowest price ever for this model. Just like the Onn TV above, we hope it will sell out soon.


This TV is the first TV listed in Walmart’s pre-Black Friday commercial on November 11, so I hope it will sell out soon. The retailer’s Onn house brand is known for its unparalleled image quality, but we want it to perform similarly to the TCL 4 series (see below) and have the same excellent Roku operating system.


This slightly larger Insignia recently sold for $150, but Best Buy cut the price by another $50.

Sarah Tu/CNET

We have not reviewed Vizio’s first OLED TV-the company’s samples are late due to COVID-19-but Vizio TV has performed well in past reviews, which may also be too high compared to prices like the aforementioned CX Glad to pass.

Like the LG CX above, there is also a 65-inch size (available only for Best Buy members), which is priced at $1,500.

Please note that this transaction has expired (although it will appear again soon) and will only be reserved for Best Buy members when available.

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