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The 76ers’ observation: Joel Embiid beat the Mavericks with 36 points

Doc Rivers is not the first time in his first season as the head coach of the 76ers. This is not the first time he has shared his thoughts on a non-basketball subject that has attracted national attention.

In the 76ers’ victory over the Mavericks on Monday night, he commented on the police shooting of Daunte Wright (a 20-year-old black man) before the 76ers won. He was arrested at a traffic stop in Minnesota on Sunday. kill. Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Cannon told reporters that he believes the officer who shot Wright was planning to fire her Taser.

Rivers said: “It’s frustrating, this should… I think we have to stop saying that this is frustrating for all black Americans.”

; “I think we should be frustrated-all Americans. I don’t know if this is. A mistake. I saw body cam videos like everyone else. But I only know that frustration is real for everyone. We have been hearing this kind of cultural abolition, but we are canceling the lives of black people. I think , To me, this is more important. It happens all the time. We always make mistakes in killing black people.

“I don’t want it to participate in the competition, but it is there. I think each of us has weaknesses and we all need to face those weaknesses and figure out how to make this place a better world, a better country. For me, it is very important to improve our social culture. It is not to cancel it, but to improve it. Other countries have done a great job. I continue to return to Germany. I take Germany as an example. You do not see the word sw, nor do you I saw the statues of Nazi soldiers everywhere, and they didn’t say that it was abolishing the culture. They said it was improving their culture. I think we need to think more about these aspects.”

As for the game itself, Joel Embiid performed well with 36 points and 7 rebounds.

Mavericks star Luka Doncic (Luka Doncic) scored 32 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists on 10-of-20 shooting.

The 76ers are now 37-17 after a 3-1 road trip and will start four games against the Nets on Wednesday.

Here are three observations from Monday’s game:

Who can stop Embiid?Not in Dallas

Kristaps Porzingis (Kristaps Porzingis) missed another game with the 76ers on the second night of back-to-back due to an injury to his right knee.

Maxi Kleber started as a Dallas center, even though he hasn’t been on the court for a long time. After Kleiber scored two quick fouls, the Mavericks briefly turned to Nicolo Melli at five. Embiid troubled both players, scoring 8 free throws during his first tenure.

Boban Marjanovic is the next player in the Mavericks center, and the 76ers are eager to get an Embiid ball when they see the 7-foot-4 Serbian on the court. Embiid has a clear advantage in agility.

Whenever he wants to play against Marianovich, he has the opportunity to open up to him. Dallas was lucky that he missed a couple in the first quarter, although he later knocked down two three-pointers and appeared invincible at times on Monday night.

Embiid pointed out that due to the support of his left knee, his shooting felt a bit “itchy”. Rivers said that the Sixers “may have tried 10 different sneakers” before the game, and he hopes Embiid will be eliminated before the end of the regular season. Even if the braces annoy him, Embiid still often sees a lineup of four to five guards, and everyone can score smoothly and efficiently. For a 7-foot player, the variety and fluency in his game is abnormal.

Embiid said: “When we were lost in the bubble, I…really focused on dribbling, which helped us a lot. This year, the system we have is dynamic. Five, it makes me a basketball player , Can attack, can also become a scorer, can also provide convenience for others.

“So it allows me to be myself. …I have never seen myself just a post player. I always see myself like, I don’t know, Kevin Durant— Just move around, dribble, hold the ball, cross the line, shoot.”

Another player in the Mavericks frontcourt combination, Willie Cauley-Stein, pushed Embiid to the ground at the end of the second quarter. Since the officials didn’t think the play was a foul, Embiid took the shot a few seconds later, split the two teams, made a layup, and stared at Cauley-Stein. Stein).

The 76ers closed the Mavericks, their name is Tang Xiqi

Tang Qiqi’s scoring night was more successful than the 76ers in February. This is partly because the Mavericks set up a lot of screens, in addition to Ben Simmons (Ben Simmons) defending him, also led to a defensive player. When Tobias Harris or Danny Green were selected for the All-Star Game twice, the 76ers didn’t seem to mind.

Under normal circumstances, Tang Cic has cunning hands, constantly threatening the ball. Even against Simmons, he can effectively cover his defenders, calmly find the shot he wants, foul or kick it to his teammates.

But the 76ers’ defense is very good. Doncic was a bit of a solo show, with Jalen Brunson (15 points) Dallas ranked second in the scorer that night.

Offensively, Simmons was a positive game. Simmons played 24 minutes and scored 8 points on 3 of 6 shots, 7 assists and 6 rebounds.

Once he determines the size of the defender, he usually makes up his mind to drive directly to the basket. The end result in these situations is not always Simmons scoring, but this is what both Rivers and Embiid said, after the 76ers won in Oklahoma City on Saturday, they both liked this approach. .

Rivers said Monday: “His attacks on the basket are not passive attacks. They are aggressive attacks. Leave, try to get rid of it-pass people and then he does it. The other half, he drove and kicked it, I think He has a perfect pace tonight and that is what we need. We need to continue on this basis. We will show him. He chose and (chosen) correctly tonight, which is really good.”

Simmons once again showed self-confidence and did not make unnecessary mistakes. He only gave it once.

He said: “Just stay focused and focus on it. I have to take care of the ball, that’s my responsibility. Just be a point guard and really focus.”

Another great night in Korkmaz

Furkan Korkmaz played against three former teammates Trey Burke and Josh Richardson in JJ Redick (Mavericks debut).

Regardless of his mission, he performed very well, getting one steal, one possession, and nine first-half points in all three field goal attempts. In the game, Kokmaz scored 20 points on 7 of 10 shots.

Before George Hill (right thumb surgery) becomes available, Korkmaz has the opportunity to influence Rivers’ view of him and his defense. Korkmaz is willing to shoot from a long distance and has a knack for heating, which is very useful. If his jumper doesn’t fall, can he still give the 76ers decent playing time in the playoff series? Is the potential of the shooting frenzy enough to overcome defensive concerns?

He hasn’t answered these questions convincingly, but he praised the 76ers for their outstanding performance in seven challenging games, including games against Brooklyn, Phoenix and Milwaukee.

His head coach is satisfied with his recent performance.

Rivers said: “His performance is great. He has a good rhythm. His performance has declined. I thought he went through that period of trying, trying to do too much with the ball, and now he doesn’t have it. He has the ball. He shot when he was in a straight line, which is extraordinary for us. He doesn’t dance with the ball anymore.

“He is taking the photos he should take, and our guy is looking for him. I thought Shake (Milton) did a great job tonight. Shake was a scorer, but he did see Furk succeeded and he managed to get Furk to pick The ball. I think that’s really good.”

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