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The 15 best Yanny or Laurel tweets, now read that the secret is over

It's a strained question if a pineapple belongs to the pizza: are you listening to Yanny or Laurel? In case you missed it somehow, a clip of a computer-generated voice, which either Yanny or Laurel said, became viral early in the week and the internet has since freaked out. Thanks to The New York Times we now know that the robot voice in the viral clip actually says Laurel – but does that matter at all? Yanny vs Laurel has used up our lives and our timelines, so we can laugh about them as well. Twitter has provided some very good tweets, whether the robot says Yanny or Laurel, and we are all grateful.

Even though Times tracked the creator of the clip and confirmed that there was a recording of "Laurel" from a vocabulary website raging the debate. People still insist that it's Yanny, which is proof that we're probably just arguing about it because we're bored. Original by YouTuber Cloe Feldman has more than 20 million views and 80,000 retweets, and you've probably quarreled with at least one person in your life. Whether you advertise for Laurel or Yanny, you will laugh at these tweets about the situation.

1 There are no two pages to this story

You may feel personally attacked if you are a Yanny enthusiast, but wonder if you identify with any of the features listed here.

2 It even happens on paper

If you're tired of hearing the clip, you can confuse your brain with a visual calligraphy calligraphy. Does that say Yanny or Laurel? I honestly do not know.

3 And cities take part

This Twitter user has seized an opportunity and confiscated it, and we can not blame them for it.

4 # Dark

This person has a point – we've wasted a lot of time on it together. Alternatively, it's Laurel, so the rest of the tweet is negated after Yanny is mentioned.

5 Also #Dark, but make it literary

6 Sorry for all who are out there

If you're called Yanny or Laurel, you're contractually bound to use it Viral moment and make a joke about it.

7 Even if you lose the Spider Bee, you will win in your heart

You must admire the Yanny Supporters who, even in the face of the evidence, do not retreat. And this spelling meme is pretty hilarious.

8 What Does Viral Even Anyway Mean?

Most of our parents probably have not heard the clip yet and will be asking for it as soon as it's in local news in a few days. It's okay.

9 There's a special kind of person for both, Yanny & Laurel

You should not be judged for your favorite bands, but if you're a Yanny enthusiast who loves Canadian alt-rock, it could Be time for a self-reflection.

10 And even babies are on it

If you preach a baby to the world, why not use a meme and make a joke? The only thing that could do that better would be if it was sponsored content.

11 Because we're always confused

12 That's a deal breaker, Ladies

Honestly, that's perhaps the best accurate compatibility test out there. If your partner hears the opposite of what you hear, it may be time to consider whether your relationship is worth it.

13 Which dress is the Yanny and which is the Laurel?

The blue The black dress still haunts my dreams, and it reappeared during the Yanny vs. Laurel debate.

14 Because you can switch teams

15 You can not comment

This could be the best tweet of all: Even if you look at Yanny Vs. Laurel, your friends probably did not notice. Everyone else has shared their opinion, so you can board.

Even though the puzzle is solved, we will all be forever changed by the great Yanny vs. Laurel debate of 2018.

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