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The 15 best TV shows from “Schitt’s Creek” to “Shadows”

Kelly Lawler

| USA Today

The only respite in the endless horror of 2020 is to be able to escape into the different worlds available by touching the remote control.


9 pandemic changed everything in 2020, but most of the programs we broadcast regularly are still going on because of the TV series that were shot before the pandemic started (or TV series that resumed production under strict safety regulations). And broadcast, even if later or shorter than expected. With the frequent closure of movie theaters, the cancellation of concerts and the improvement of daily life, the sameness of television gives people a sense of comfort.

The best TV shows of 2020 are made for children and adults. The protagonist of the series is a dreamy vampire or a cheerleader in real life. They showed us the potential future and stupid versions of the past. They include miniseries and beloved shows, and this is their last cheer. What they have in common is that they can take us away from this tragic moment, even if it is only 30 minutes or an hour.

Amidst frustrating news, frequent reruns and presidential debates, the 15 TV series that dominate our TV screens this year are making 2020 better.


“Schitt’s Creek” falls into the position of our top TV show in 2020

You may never even have heard of the best shows on TV this year. USA Today TV critic Kelly Lawler (Kelly Lawler) ranked the top 15.

Entertain this! , America today

15. “Your Honor”

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Bryan Cranston has regained his success in this tense legal thriller. The Emmy-winning actor served as a judge because his son was forced to violate his morals by accidentally killing the son of a dangerous crime boss in a crash. Cranston continues to prove that he is one of the best actors. He uses painful scenes and depressing plot twists to lighten the plot. This is only possible with his acting strength, and he exercises restraint most of the time. Release when necessary.

14. “Cheers”


The “cheer” released on the eve of the ancient pandemic in January brought the story of a small college cheerleader in Texas to an epic (and rotating) peak. From the filmmakers behind “Last Chance U”, the documentary series reveals the unique, uplifting and painful culture of college cheerleading, as well as the student-athletes of the sport. Intimacy, entertainment and emotion, “Cheers” is one of the best sports stories and documentaries. The subsequent accusations and arrests against a student only slightly hindered the enjoyment of the series.

13. “Quiz”

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This mini-series, stranger than a novel, about the cheating scandal of the British version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” is written clearly and even more cleverly. “Quiz” starring Sian Clifford (“Fleabag”) and Matthew Macfadyen (“Succession”) is a real crime, without murder and tragedy. It is a ridiculous mystery that invites you to revel in its glorious absurdity.

12. “Nanny Club”


“Baby Sitter” is a rare children’s performance, and its entertainment is as much as adolescence, so it is a pleasant surprise in a dull summer. The Netflix series effortlessly updated the classic middle school novels of the 1990s to modern times, balanced seriousness and stupidity, and made many jokes and a group of young stars.

11. “Fight”

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Compared with most of the same age, shortening the “fight” season is still a better season for TV. Although the 2020 legal drama ended after only seven short episodes, the masterpieces of Robert and Michel King displayed harsh irony and fascinating drama. The main actors of the series (especially Delroy Lindo as Adrian Boseman) feature outstanding guest stars (from John Larroquette to “Good Wife” favorite Michael J. Fox) as the main actors.

10. “I never did”


Mindy Kaling’s teenage comedy (based on her own adolescence), compared with many competitors, is unique in that the newcomer Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is authentic as Devi. Like most teenagers, Devi is full of contradictions. The series makes her emotions, especially the boiling anger, makes her and the series narrator John McEnroe (Yes, ex) Tennis stars) are closely related. The funny and sincere “Never” reached the top of the high school series in just one fabulous season.

9. “Framework”


Creator and star Ramy Youssef performed the first season of “Rami” brilliantly in the creepy, dark and interesting season 2. Become bigger, bolder, and twice supported by Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, pushing the new series to a higher level. Yusuf proved himself to be Ali’s most important actor, because Ali’s Sheikh Malik tried (in vain) to help Lamy become a better Muslim. Yusuf and his keen writers have never stopped balancing the tenacious tone and deeper themes of the series.

8. “Ted Russo”

Apple TV+

Apple’s stupid, heart-pounding series about an American football coach heading to London to lead a football team is one of the most surprising series this year. Jason Sudeikis (Jason Sudeikis) will transform the vulgar character made for the ad into one of the cutest characters on TV. “Lasso” is ostensibly about football, but the point of the comedy is the important, real relationship between Ted and his colleagues, and what it means to be a team member. There are not too many TV shows on TV that are so brave and so unabashedly emotional.

7. “Queen’s Camby”


Chess has never been as sexy as Anya Taylor-Joy’s Beth Harmon playing her chess pieces. The young actress provided one of her best performances in this wonderful series of films about a female chess prodigy in the 1960s who, while battling addiction privately, dominated This sport. The memorable performances are well-made, with fascinating scripts, gorgeous costumes and scenes, and powerful auxiliary actors.

6. “Schitt’s Creek”

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Compared with all the Emmy winners, the seats on this list are not so exciting for the actors and creators of “Schitt’s”, who won nine awards in September to make comedy films Sweep history. However, the sixth and final season of the comedy is not only the perfect ending of a sweet comedy, but also another wonderful TV broadcast of co-creators Dan and Eugene Levy. In a year full of tragedies, no one can celebrate love, happiness and family more than “Sit’s”.

5. “BoJack Knight”


Another fascinating and fascinating series is Netflix’s animated black comedy, which is about Hollywood. The insight came to the end, and the final season fully examined the failure of BoJack (Will Arnett) and his impact on people he claimed to care about. For convincing antiheroes like Tony Soprano or Don Draper, BoJack deserves an unhappy ending.

4. “Upload”


Call it a cousin of NBC’s “good place”. The Amazon storm from Greg Daniels, co-creator of The Office, is in a not-too-distant future, in which humans have explored how to upload human consciousness to the digital afterlife. This huge cloud-based advantage is not entirely heaven, but only highlights the huge inequality and problems of humans on earth. If you want, this science fiction concept is based on the beautiful romance between the uploaded soul (Robbie Amell) and his earth angel and customer service representative (Andy Allo). The series is shocking and sweet in the best way.

3. “What do we do in the shadows”

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FX’s vampire model was bloody and ridiculous in the first season, but in the second season it reached a new hilarious height. From Matt Berry’s Laszlo dressed as a bartender named “Jackie Daytona” to the “energy vampire” Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) ) Revel in his new promotion, the series embarrassed comedy wealth. “Shadow” provides more laughter in just one episode, and there are very few comedies throughout the season.

2. “Great”


Hulu’s historical dramas are hailed as “occasionally true stories”, funny, ironic, and sometimes even deep. Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult are surprisingly obsessed with Russia’s Catherine the Great and her husband Peter III. “Great” created by Oscar-winning “The Favourite” (The Favourite) is a more powerful comedy that celebrates its kind heroine and seizes every opportunity to put her hypocrisy and ethics. Self-centered innocence fell to pieces. The series is both gorgeous and interesting with bold, bright colors and sometimes graphic violence.

1. “I might ruin you”

high pressure

This miniseries is dark, disturbing, but triumphant. It examines consent, love, and commitment, and this nuance is lacking not only in other TVs and movies, but also in many real life. The creator, co-director and star Michaela Coel (Michaela Coel) is like Arabella (Arabella), is definitely a force, this is a woman who was drugged and raped, she tried to think of her at first Attack and then get along with reality. In this sensitive subject area, “destroy” succeeded without ever feeling exploitative, critical or banal. The series would be great if only focusing on the story of Arabella, but the way the script is woven in her friends’ stories makes the story complex and rich, and her friends face similar but different Tragedy and problems. What is disturbing is that “Destruction” is the most outstanding series of the year.

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