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Tesla delivers the SUV made in China, and NIO launches its first electric car model


Oppenheimer: These three stocks may rise by more than 80%

The best companies on Wall Street not only look at stocks, but also at the big picture. John Stoltzfus, Oppenheimer’s chief investment strategist, is particularly good at showing us a macro view. Stoltzfus pointed out a series of factors that will affect the market in the first note of the new year. Of course, the biggest news is that the 800-pound gorilla cannot be ignored, and that is the ongoing COVID epidemic. Now that we have entered the winter, the disease is now re-epidemic, which is to some extent predictable, because it is a typical behavior of influenza-like respiratory viruses. As the winter virus surges, we must also deal with a new round of lock-in policies implemented by state or local governments. It is hoped that the new COVID vaccine will start to suppress the new coronavirus in the spring. “In our view, the negative impact of the virus̵

7;s global spread to families and the economy may last for a long time. This leads to greater resistance to Covid-19 vaccination than many experts feared at the beginning of the pandemic. Smaller. We expect that the stock market will remain sensitive to pandemic-related developments that have caused the U.S. and global economies to be hijacked for nearly a year,” Stoltzfus said. The second biggest news, but in Stoltzfus’s view, the most likely to make an impression on the market is the Georgia election. Both Democratic candidates won seats in the Senate, allowing the incoming Biden administration to implement policies against any opposition through Congress, at least for the next two years. This victory of the Democratic Party ensures that Stoltzfus is worried about the short-term one-party control of the President and Congress. During the campaign, Joe Biden promised to return Trump’s tax policies and set a series of large spending measures. If he continues to implement it now, Biden’s established policies are likely to increase taxes and federal spending at the same time. And in Stoltzf’s view, this may cost the market. Stoltzves believes that unrestricted progressive/democratic policies and regulations will make the S&P 500 vulnerable to losses of 6% to 10%. Before the urgent need to sell stocks, Oppenheimer’s stock analysts reminded investors that there are still eye-catching opportunities. The company’s analysts marked three stocks, which they believe will rise by more than 80% next year. By using the TipRanks database, we learned that the rest of Wall Street is consistent because all three people have the consensus of “Strong Buy” analysts. miRagen Therapeutics (MGEN) miRagen Therapeutics aims to develop new treatment options for diseases that cannot be fully improved by current therapies. The company’s flagship drug candidate is VRDN-001, which is an anti-IGF-1R monoclonal antibody that is in clinical phase research for the treatment of thyroid disease (TED). miRagen acquired the right to use VRDN-001 in the second half of last year after acquiring Veridian Therapeutics in October last year. The monoclonal antibody is about to enter phase 2 clinical trials, and preliminary results are expected to be around mid-2021. miRagen arranged a $91 million financing through a private equity financing agreement to fund its current research. After reaching the agreement, miRagen held cash at the end of the third quarter of 144 million US dollars, but more importantly, a clear cash flow can continue until 2023. Among them, Oppenheimer (Oppenheimer) analyst Leland Gershell believes that MGEN outperforms the market (ie, “buy”), and a target price of $37. This figure indicates that there is 102% room for growth in one year. (To view Gershell’s track record, click here.) Gershell supports his position, saying: “The recent Viridian acquisition and the $91 million financing put miRagen on a new path because the upcoming plans enable it to Competing in the fertile thyroid eye disease market…”Sufficient income potential [VRDN-001], Its higher performance may bring differentiation. We hope that the development progress of MGEN TED candidates will support outstanding performance. In general, Wall Street likes the risk/return factor here because TipRanks demonstrates MGEN’s successful grounded “strong buy” consensus. The stock is sold at $18.26 and the average target price is $32. This target means the current level. There is 75% room for upside. Ironically, the success of the pharmacology industry has brought major challenges: Many diseases have developed resistance to existing therapies. Many cancers are among the diseases of resistance and subsequent recurrence. 1. Serious problems affect the quality of life of patients and increase mortality. Oric Pharmaceuticals, a clinical national biopharmaceutical research company, is working on treatments to overcome cancer resistance. Oric’s main drug candidate is ORIC-101, which is expected to become Glucocorticoid receptor (GR) antagonist. The drug is entering two separate phase 1b trials, one for prostate cancer and the other for solid tumors. Modern drug research is very expensive, and Oric recently raised through a successful public offering The company issued 5.79 million new shares in November at a price of $23 per share, with total earnings of more than $133.3 million. Five-star Oppenheimer analyst Kevin DeGeeter reported on Oric that he is bullish. DeGeeter gave him an advantage. In the market (ie “buy”) rating and a target price of $62, this means that it has 88% one-year upside potential. (To view DeGeeter’s track record, click here.) To support his optimism Position, DeGeeter wrote: “We see ORIC as an investment in a leadership team with a history of successful development of clinically significant anticancer drugs. Our paper hypothesizes…based on the ease of use or superior efficacy in the selected population of biomarkers, clinical data supporting ORIC-101’s best-in-class profile. We believe that current investor expectations have brought substantial value to ORIC-101’s potential optimal configuration and management skills. In general, ORIC’s stock has been unanimously recognized by analysts’ consensus. The three recent “buy” comments have been added together to obtain a “Strong Buy” rating. The price of the stock is US$32.91, while the price of US$50.67 The average price target indicates that its room for growth is about 54%. Triterras (TRIT) is followed by a unicorn company, which is a billion-dollar fintech startup that has been listed on the public market for less than three months. Triterras Kratos, an online transaction and trade finance platform based on blockchain technology, is provided. Trade finance or credit services in the physical transportation of goods in the market are estimated to be worth 40 billion US dollars per year; Triterras’ platform uses the security of the blockchain as an online trader The selling point of Triterras. Triterras is listed through a SPAC merger; that is, a business combination with a special acquisition company. These companies exist to purchase the target company, inject capital, and then open the combined entity to the market. Analyst Owen Lau (Owen Lau ) Is very satisfied with the report on Oppenheimer’s stock. He wrote that in the company’s current state, “…the results and momentum seem to be strong, and the guidance for the whole year means low base income and net Revenue increased by 235% and 142% year-on-year, respectively. More importantly, although the company’s growth rate is faster than other high-growth markets, the average trading price of the stock is lower and the growth market is low. “Most importantly, Lau said optimistically: “We have seen an interesting paper-on-electronic technology. Consistent with these comments, Lau believes that TRIT stock outperforms the market (i.e. buy), and his $23 The target price means it has increased by 93% for the next year. (To view Lau’s track record, click here.) Overall, the company has a record of 3 recent reviews, all of which are available for purchase, making Strong Buy analysts unanimously considered positive. The stock is priced at US$10.94 and the average target price is US$19, giving the stock 60% upside in one year. (See TRIT Stock Analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for stock trading with attractive valuations, visit TipRanks’ Best Buys to Buy, a newly launched tool that combines all the stock insights from TipRanks Together. Those featured analysts. The content is for reference only. Before making any investment, it is very important to conduct your own analysis.

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