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Tell us about your special breakfast for the weekend

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Last callLast callLast Call is Takeout’s online water injection hole, where you can chat, share recipes and use the comment section as an open topic. This is what we have been reading/watching/listening to in the office today.

Hello and welcome to the scariest weekend of the scariest year in our lives! Not only Halloween, but also the full moon, blue Moon in Old Farmer’s Yearbook As a full hunter moon on Friday night and Saturday, it transforms into a full beaver moon on Sunday (also known as the deer rut moon, also known as the digging moon/torking moon). This is also the weekend when daylight saving time ends and the clock drops. And, of course, if you are in the United States, it is the last weekend before the presidential election, after which, based on our experience with the last election, experts expect everything to fall apart.

Long live

If you have time to comfort yourself with food, maybe that’s it. Since the official (I declare) breakfast is the most comfortable meal of the day, this is the weekend we spend all weekends.We provide Suggest This morning and another last week. But I recently discovered that I can deliver donuts to my apartment, so I want to do this.Then maybe do some waffle and this Bread cake Continue to eat within a week.

What about you What is your biggest, best, breakfast in bed all day long? We all urgently need to know.

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