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Taylor talks about Carson Wentz’s turnover, Jalen Hurts’ development, etc.

A week after the team’s goodbye, the Hawks’ outdated game coordinator/quarterback coach Press Taylor spoke to reporters on Tuesday and talked about Carson Wentz’s mistakes and why they didn’t want to rule QB’s aggressiveness and Jalen ·Hurts’ development and involvement in crime.

This is what the coach has to say:

Taylor said that so far this season, the quarterback has passed the ball 16 times, which is disappointing, and pointed out that this is unacceptable, Wentz is very clear about this.

“This is something we are very confident that he will be able to clean up in the next eight games in the second half of the season. He knows this very well. That is not what we expected here.”


He went on to explain that after the Dallas game, Wentz talked about the fine line between being aggressive and smart. Taylor said that they are also very active in the game, when the situation requires, they will always boldly shoot and shoot.

“But as a quarterback, nothing is more important than a safe ball, so this is a topic we will always talk about. Whether we are guiding him to push the ball to the court or not, this is a decision made by the latecomers at their own expense. In any case, the safety of the ball is always an important task, and this is what we continue to talk about.”

Nonetheless, Taylor admitted that they would never try to dominate Wentz, so he just needs to understand that the ball is first.

Wentz’s deep pass attempt

Someone pointed out that Wentz’s average pass length is the highest since 2017, but most of his errors also occur in deep pass attempts. Taylor said that in terms of its offensive nature of pushing the ball to the court, it depends on the play and the design of the play.

“Sometimes it is a concerted effort, but sometimes, as a quarterback, we call it the ideal appearance. This is not the ideal appearance. We hope you can play the game correctly. Maybe this will reduce the speed of the ball to the unit. In this way, everyone is responsible for where they need to go. This is what really makes the passing game go smoothly. It depends on all aspects of protection. Sometimes we try to throw the ball on the field, maybe we have the ideal appearance And have the opportunity to push it away, I think we have done some hard work this year. Then sometimes it’s not there, down and far away, it asks to push the ball to a flat position immediately. This is our continuing to work with him What I want to emphasize is that we are very happy to see the development in the second half of the season.”

Wentz’s completion rate is low

“Of course there are many questions. I won’t say that this is one thing, whether it is him or other people, no matter what the call is made. It is difficult to tell what is going on.”

Taylor went on to say that they expect a high completion rate, but as they push the ball further to the court, the expected completion rate will decrease. He explained that this is just the improvement they want offensively in the second half of the season.

On Jalen injury

“Jalen has done a great job in learning our system, learning rhythm, interpolating and going out every week during a season. He understands how the game plan evolves, how the offense evolves, and how to integrate the past in the team. The process there is very good. We are very excited about him and his development and continue to show it.”

Taylor talked about why the injury and the Hawks were successful in both quarterback offensives, and he pointed out some unscreened appearances-unique formations that didn’t know until they broke the place where the injury was going to line up. .

“I know that if you go back to Baltimore to play, he will play quarterback in the second quarter and be able to handle the ball to shine in the Sparks, and our gadgets have a lot of potential. Then he Entering the second half, the second game entered the battlefield, and they looked shining to zero. Then he lined up at the receiver, he was more interested in ghost action type things, we were able to spit out a segmented area to play large games there, I Think of it a bit like a cat and mouse game. Some of you are not sure where he is going or what role he will play, so you just know it, and you have a little advantage. Sometimes this is good. In some cases , We are not sure how they are aligned, so you want to be cautious, want to be aggressive, and then try to go this line again, is this because we do too much, or are we invested in ourselves? In bad circumstances, we The offensive line is in a bad situation, because there are obviously some unknowns.”

The coach also admitted that Hutts has a sense of responsibility for the entire game-like everyone in the offense-but if he wants to come in as a quarterback, they will adjust the game plan based on their performance and strength. However, Taylor said that Hurts did an excellent job of learning the script and the reasons behind it.

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