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Taylor Swift & # 39; Ruf & # 39; Tour: Rob Sheffield reviews

The biggest moment in Taylor Swift's amazing reputation stadium tour proves to be one of the quietest. Towards the end of the night Swift sits alone at the piano playing a few miserable chords. "You may be wondering why there are so many snakes everywhere," she says. The song she plays turns out to be the 2010 Speak Now classic "Long Live", which she turned into a medley with the Reputation finale "New Year's Day" transforms – two of their best, from very different stages of their artistic development, but songs with a common emotional reason, be it "fight against dragons" or snakes. She relaxes between the songs, from the lush adolescent romance of "Long Live" to the everyday domestic detail of "New Year's Day," to the hookline: "I've had the time of my life … with you . " What a moment ̵

1; a power performance that made all the different Taylor sound like part of the same story.

Swift began the first night of her highly anticipated Reputation tour last night at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, in front of 60,000 fans, and for the most part, she became epic, with giant inflatable cobras, Pyro, several stages and hordes of dancers. As always, she harshly leaned on the new material and did almost everything on the new reputation (the one she left out was "So It Goes"), but with her own intimate touch. This might be her most amazing tour yet – even as she aims for the maximum raid-dazzling bombast of stadium rock, she gives her the whole atmosphere of a mass communion. She did not go deep into her back catalog, except for a few world-shaking surprises like "Long Live" or her solo-acoustic re-recording of "All Too Well." Even if she returns to the oldies, she remains true to her fanatical commitment to make them new. No pop star goes to such absurd extremes as not to repeat himself, even if repeating is more than good enough. The girl just likes a challenge, even if that means she wants to stand under a surreal inflatable snake to sing her heartfelt confessions of autumn leaves and maple coffee.

The topic, as she once or twice mentioned, was snakes. Since Jim Morrison has not lived, every rock star has gone overboard with herpetological symbolism. As she explained, "A few years ago someone called me a social media snake and it got through and then many people called me on the social media and I've been through some very low times in the meantime." For Swift, as is often the case, there was a lesson to be learned in this hard experience. "It should not be so important to you if you feel misunderstood by many people who do not know you, as long as you feel understood by people who know you, who will turn up for you, the people who see you as a human being … it's you .You did that for me. "

She cleared out most of the Reputation batsmen early out of the way, with the glittering flash of "Ready For It?" and "I did something bad." "Gorgeous" was incorporated into a medley of "Style", "Love Story" and "You Belong With Me" – one of the rare falls of the night in her teenage catalog. "Look What You Made Me Do", the album's least exciting title, really does live – especially the moment on screen when Tiffany Haddish shows up to explain why Old Taylor can not properly pick up the phone now. ("Because she's dead!") She did "End Game" without Ed Sheeran or Future Interludes.

But the show started with "Delicate," the humid vocoder Shiver, who was the highlight of Reputation (as well as the newest single), starting with one of their trademark freestyle introductions by Tay-Talk. "One thing that everyone in this stadium has in common is that each one of us somehow seeks a sense of connection to someone else," Swift said. "Something happens in your brain and your heart when someone just says," Yes, I understand how you feel. "Relationships – it's just sensitive you? "As she sang the song, she drifted across the crowd in a golden balloon basket – and at the same time lived up to the openness and brilliance of the song. The balloon took her to a side stage where she did a fantastic "Shake It Off", accompanied by her tour colleagues Camila Cabello and Charli XCX.

She picked up her acoustic guitar for "Dancing With Our Hands Tied" and noted: "You've stayed with so many musical changes, you've let me play – you've developed me." It purred through the crowd as she followed the opening chord of "All Too Well" and said, "I thought I was playing this song that you seem to want more than any other, it would be so cool if you sang aloud like that you only can. "No encouragement was needed. She ran to the other side stage to make "Blank Space", whereupon a dancer in a hoodie brought her a black dress and wrapped it around her. She asked the crowd, "Do you like my dress?" Which of course led to "dress".

During a clever snippet of "Should Have Said No," she rode a snake back to the main stage for the home stretch. "Call It What You Want" became a whimsical performance with a headline video backdrop – which was probably the only time the word "squad" came up all night – while "Getaway Car" became a desert noir set has been. The end came a little bit suddenly, with "That's why we can not have nice things", redesigned in a medley with "We Ae Never Geting Together". The song did not necessarily feel like a resolution, musically or emotionally, and despite how well it worked as weird romp – all of Tay's support singers who lied for "lying in the problem" – it was staggering when the house lights came See you later. No encore, just a coda on the screen: "And in the death of her reputation, she really felt alive."

Swift is always an artist who feels compelled to move somewhere else – even in those moments when she looks like the only one in space who is no longer with the same old Taylor tricks would be happy. She is not content to be more of the same artist. In a show that was full of highlights, "All Too Well" was the moment it was impossible to beat – it's just the kind of song that can not be outbid, and there was something sweet about the way As Swift temporarily abandoned her constant urge to remake and remodel, just play the song on the acoustic guitar. As her spiritual uncle Bruce Springsteen could say, she decided for a moment to hold herself back and leave everything. Everyone in the stadium was connected to their voice and guitar. The only person I noticed that did not sing along with "All Too Well" was a small kid who was fascinated by the confetti in the air and floated "Shake It Off" on the floor a few minutes ago. She whirled around and grabbed each piece of confetti that floated past. She was just as excited as any of us at the moment.

Set List

"I Did Something Bad"
"Style" / "Love Story" / "You Belong With Me"
"Look what you've done me"
" Endgame "
" King of my Heart "
" Tender "
" Shake "
" Dancing With Our Hands Tied "
" Only too good "
" Space "
" Dress "
" Bad Blood "/" Should Have said No "
" Do not blame me "
" Long Live "/" New Year "
" Getaway Car "
" Call it, what you want "
" We'll never come together again "/" That's why we can not do Nice Things "

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