Hey Google, how are you doing? A few weeks ago, you posted a very strange video that described the basic Pixel phone migration process, which contained a series of strange meditation images and ASMR-style narratives. Now, you can come back and watch karate videos through this combined phone migration introduction. It feels like someone on the Pixel team really wants to spread the virus.

This video is much shorter than the previous video, which uses a contemplative atmosphere to cover the time it takes to transfer settings and files. This is an Australian karate coach teaching throughout the space, teaching the audience the basics of martial arts block. At about 30 seconds, the operation of inserting the Pixel 5 into the banana by the hand model is more difficult to understand.

You can certainly think of it as a mining of Apple-you can use Google’s data transfer tool to complete this process. However, since both ends of the cable are USB-C, I think this is a quick and dirty attempt at something worth remembering. (I think this is feasible because we are reporting on it!) Narrator then suggested that you do not use “1234” as its device code. Thanks, Google.