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Support Endometriosis Mental Health with Reiki, Sound Baths and TRE

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It is Week of Mental Health in the United Kingdom. You may not be in the US, but that does not make mental health any less important.

For me, the biggest tribute to endometriosis was by far my mental health. My persistent run-ins with anxiety, depression and eating disorders (believe it or not, it was endo bloat that triggered my 11-year-old eating disorder) made me change my careers twice, for days, months and years lose worry. I have done my best to work it through, and I am thrilled to say that I am now in a place where I can move on spiritually, thanks to the change in my working life, the support of my well-being and the search for various things.

The many therapies that I've gone through over the years are no secret. I have talked openly about the cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counseling that I have been seeking to make me feel better. While all of this has served me in many ways, I have found out in recent years that the healing support comes from more holistic and alternative therapies.

Many alternative therapies work on releasing energy and trauma from the body that may have manifested itself over the years. Of course it is important to talk with a professional about our problems in combat or in mental health or to take medication if necessary. But I've found that it's important to treat the rest of the body as well. I'm not sure why this strategy helped me. Perhaps the physical body is holding stress and emotional pain in organs or areas with disease. Or maybe it is mentally unhealthy to have a blockage in the energetic body, the chakras. Maybe you could call me a believing skeptic. But what I can say is that I have found tremendous peace and healing from the following therapies, and I know so many others who have that too. There's a reason why the wellness industry is booming and it's not just about good marketing.


I've had Reiki a couple of times in the past, and that's always been, in short (and I apologize for cliche), a bit magical

In a Reiki session, a practitioner lays his own Hands on or over the body and clears stagnant, blocked, negative energy that has built up. The exercise is a form of relaxation, but removing these energies allows the body to begin healing again.

The first time I had Reiki, I struggled deeply with depression and acute anxiety. As I lay there, I felt a drawing that pulled up my body and my head. Many people describe the sessions as deeply relaxing, but I had many negative feelings, then I realized. I felt that it was like my subconscious mind was pulling everything up and down.

Since then I've had it on odd occasions, and I'm getting lighter and a little less into my depressive and anxious thoughts. Personally, I feel that Reiki serves me best, but you have to go with what feels right for you.

Sound Bath Healing

I am new, but I was always very sensitive to sound. Of course, music is known to help us process or release emotions, whether we are singing a sad song or releasing negativity through dance.

Sound baths are a kind of increasingly popular sound therapy. I did not go to my first Klangbad until the next week, and at the same time I felt energized and relaxed. During a sound bath, therapeutic instruments such as crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls and gongs are played while the listener lays (usually) under cuddly blankets. Not only is this relaxing because it sounds nice ̵

1; these sounds actually activate the brain waves (alpha and theta) that are known to be present during meditation and REM sleep. It is believed that these brainwave frequencies make the unconscious stand out, allowing for healing at a deeper level.

TRE Therapy

TRE, or exercises for relaxation and traumatization, is a relatively new form of healing, from which I hear more in London. In fact, I have not heard a single person talk badly about it – it is always explained to me with the greatest enthusiasm by the people who have tried it.

TRE includes specific repetitive exercises that stimulate muscles to shake to relieve tension and stress, and a trauma that has formed in our physical body. The method is based on scientific research. You can find out more here.

I'm trying this for the first time soon, and I'm glad to report it!

There are many other forms of alternative therapies that could help you deal with mental health problems that are often triggered by endometriosis. What did you try?


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