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Superman and Louis comment: Arrowverse solves the Superman problem

In the opening record of the new CW series Superman and Louis, Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) tells the story of his life so far. When he was a child, his father Jor-El sent him from the dying planet to the earth. He was raised by kind farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent in Smallville, Kansas, and they helped him understand how to best use his superpowers. He became a reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper in the metropolitan area, where he fell in love with superstar reporter Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch). They are married and have twin sons: strong Jonathan (Jordan Elsas) and socially clumsy Jordan (Alexander Garffin).

Looking back at the fast-paced and full of moments, these moments are meant to remind Superman fans why they like Iron Man for a long time, from the visual reference to the first time Action comics The cover recalls Christopher Reeves̵

7;s unpleasant Clark Kent Superman the film. This is a tribute to all the artists, writers, editors, actors, directors and producers who helped shape the myth of one of the most famous superheroes.

However, after Superman preserved the backstory and brief scenes of the nuclear power facility, under the guidance of General Samuel Lane (Dylan Walsh), the father of the senior officer in Louis Lois Next, the tone has changed. When the hero returns home, he finds that one of his sons is busy with video chat and cannot talk to him, while the other son is playing a violent video game. He is playing a super villain and destroying Superman. When asked why, the teenager shrugged and said, “Superman is boring.”

Superman’s son Jonathan (Jordan Elsas) watched his son Jordan (Alexander Garffin) play video games in a dark room between Superman and Louise

Image: Dean Katie Yu / CW Network

Yes Is Superman boring? There was a time when this question was ridiculous. In the mid-20th century, Superman comics were so popular that publishers launched hundreds of new superheroes to compete. In the 70s, Superman The movie proves that the superhero type can operate on the big screen without being too brutal. The characters are still scattered on the children’s pillowcases and pajamas.

But in recent DC Universe movies, Superman feels like second-rate singers like Batman and Wonder Woman (or even Sailor). On the superhero programming block (also known as “Arrowverse”) derived from CW’s DC Comics, Superman is gaining “Arrow”, “Flash”, “Supergirl”, “Black Lightning”, “Batgirl”, “Female Stars and minor league heroes received star treatment a long time later. DC Legend of tomorrow.

Moreover, even Superman shows are not necessarily inspired by the action and madness of comics like “Superman shows.”According to two episodes sent by CW to critics before the feature report on Tuesday night Superman and Louis At the premiere, the Arrowverse writing and production team of Greg Berlanti and Todd Helbing seemed hesitant to tell the complete Superman story, with the grandeur of the classic comics, Bold ideas and interesting feelings to tell. Their superman has been consolidated and compressed into the overall mission of Arrowverse: telling stories related to events in the real world.

in Superman and Louis, Which means adjusting the narrative focus. There are still super villains in this show, and heavy battle scenes full of dynamic and special effects.But through the first two plots, the overall atmosphere becomes smaller Action comics And more this is us.

The story begins with a family in Kent/Louis County. The twins quarreled because they were so different: the handsome, solid Jonathan was the star quarterback of the football team. The disheveled Jordan struggled with depression. At the same time, Lois became increasingly dissatisfied with the culture of “Daily Planet”, where veteran reporters were fired and the newspaper’s new billionaire owner Morgan Edge (Morgan Edge) Ask for more soft news and bait.

Clark Kent's teenage sons Jordan (Alexander Garffin) and Jonathan (Jordan Elsas) stood together with their mother, Bitsie Tulloch, on the CW show

Image: Dean Buscher / CW Network

When a tragedy brought Clark back to Smallville, the family faced one of the biggest crises, and possibly one of the biggest opportunities, and he planned to return to a simple small town life there. However, by 2021, small towns will be useless. The agricultural society is dying, and a potential savior is seen in Edge, who has been buying land for unknown reasons-even though Lois suspects a foul.

All these issues are complicated by Clark’s larger mission, Clark’s mission is to get him driven away by General Lane in order to deal with a mysterious masked Superman, determined to pull Superman to a dead end. These battles took him away from home during the worst time of the boy’s life, and one or two of them may be developing a superpower…In Smallville, everyone is censoring newcomers and it is difficult to keep quiet.

Hoechlin and Tulloch have previously played “Superman” and “Lois” in the Arrowverse, and both have strong control over their roles. Hochlin plays Clark and Superman. He is serious and a little nerdy. He is an alien with many interests, and he is ultimately bound by a sense of obligation to his loved ones. Tulloch’s Lane style is the smartest person in any room, but she still tries (and sometimes fails) to be sensitive to anyone who doesn’t share her values.

The creative team of Berlanti and Hebling also has a clear understanding of Superman’s knowledge. The names of the twins are important. Jonathan is named after Clark Kent’s father of the earth (reflecting the wholesome side of Superman), while Jordan is named after Jor-el (Jor-el). ) Naming (reflects the alien’s…well, alienation). The show is full of dramas as assistants about Superman’s stranger powers (like Super Smell). These include characters like Morgan Edge and Lana Lang that comic fans may be familiar with.

But the overall appearance Superman and Louis Fans may also be familiar Dawson Creek with The oc Kent’s boys adapted to Smallville by wandering around the quarry with local teenagers or staring moodily at the seemingly endless Kansas plains. Lois naughty (or sometimes ridiculed) calling Clark “Little Ville” is already part of Superman’s strategy. Superman and Louis By showing the feeling of growing up in a vast space where everyone can see you, explore more connections between him and the place where he grew up.

Superman and Louis It is not the first TV series to try to superhumanize. Littleville It has been broadcast on CW (and its predecessor WB) from 2001-11, and produced 10 seasons and more than 200 episodes of stories. These stories usually minimize the content of superheroes, which is conducive to dramatizing and hiding a big city. Secrets of young people’s emotions and relationships.Before that, the’late 80s/early 90s’ joint action adventure Super Boy Various approaches were taken to Clark Kent’s early life, including describing him as a college journalism student, and then sending him to work X fileGeneral supernatural investigation agency. In the mid-90s, Louis and Clark Aims to be a workplace, full of dreamlike episodes and low romance.

All these shows-now Superman and Louis -Try to solve the so-called “Superman Problem”. How can you introduce the necessary narrative barriers for a good story when the hero is omnipotent in nature and only vulnerable to rare radioactive rocks (and sometimes magic)?Answer: focus on him Can’t Control, like the happiness of his friends and family.

CW also took this path before, first of all Littleville (The manufacturer once made the famous promise of “no tights, no flights”) Then arrowThis avoids the usual superhero traps of costumes and superpowers in the earliest episodes. When “comic books” appeared, the vigilance of the Internet began to weaken. flash Become popular at this point arrow Began to feel more at ease with supernormal phenomena.The subsequent shows-the most relevant ones include Super girl -The influence of plot lines and images inspired by comics is increasing.

Tyler Hoechlin (Tyler Hoechlin), Clark Kent (Clark Kent) in Superman and Louise

Image: Dean Buscher / CW Network

Nonetheless, the balance of storytelling in any given Arrowverse series focuses on relationships and personal issues, and even focuses on saving the world from terrible monsters and super creepers. As the heroes and their friends get into trouble, many of these performances often start to become bright and interesting, and then become increasingly dull.

Superman and Louis Actually Start In a relatively dark place, there are some opinions about economic anxiety and clinical depression. The first two episodes showed great promise-just because Hoechlin and Tulloch are very good, and the environment in Smallville is so beautiful. But so far, the story of how Superman responds to dangerous global threats has not been as cleverly produced as the growing pains of his sons. The superhero scene feels like an afterthought, and yes, in these order, Superman is a bit boring.

Imaginative and exciting Superman and Louise comics Superman and Louis Can be used-maybe still. There is no reason why the Superman show is fun and cool while still playing a role in the socially relevant and youth-friendly plot of the partnership with Arrowverse.

One of the biggest problems in the first episode is whether Clark should disclose his secret life as a superhero to the boys. I hope the authors of the show will have similar conversations when they work in the first season.In the next episode, it’s nice to see people Superman and Louis Know that one of their main characters is Superman.

Superman and Louis There was a two-hour trial broadcast on CW on February 23 at 8 pm Eastern time. The premiere will be free online on February 24. CWTV website.

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