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Sunday program trailer: Washington prepares for inauguration and impeachment; Coronavirus surges in the United States

The inauguration of the president-elect will be held soon Joe BidenJoe Biden Azar (Joe BidenAzar) stated in his departure letter that Congressional riots threatened to “undermine” the government’s achievements. House Democrats took steps to oppose Trump’s sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia.Fast food workers demand minimum wage, U.S. officials express concern over Mexico’s handling of energy permits And the looming Senate impeachment trial President TrumpDonald Trump’s CIA director threatened to resign to promote the appointment of Trump’s allegiance as deputy prime minister: Hazard in the resignation letter reported that congressional riots threatened to “undermine” the government’s achievements . The Department of Justice believes that Trump should be exempt from the rape plaintiff’s lawsuit. Due to the surge in coronavirus infections in the United States, it is expected to dominate the talk show this Sunday.

After the fatal attack on the Capitol on January 6, security officials and law enforcement officers prepared for Wednesday’s inauguration, all eyes were on Washington, DC.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned that planned protests could lead to violence before and after the inauguration, prompting the closure of major subway stations around the National Mall and the Capitol. Amtrak also announced that it will suspend some services in DC South

The National Park Service announced on Friday that it will temporarily close most of the National Mall to limit the number of people allowed in the area.

When Biden prepares to take the oath of office amid the intensification of political differences, new government members are expected to appear on some talk shows this Sunday, including White House Communications Director Kate BedingfieldKate Bedingfield Biden will receive the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Monday, Biden adviser Richmond tested positive for COVID-19 Ocasio-Cortez defended Biden’s incoming deputy chief of staff in a counterblow. More On ABC’s “This Week,” and Ron KleinRon Klain, “Morning Hill”-Biden asked Congress to expand the largest disaster response in U.S. history. Biden’s chief aide said that the president wants a team, and there is no competitor. Biden’s transition says more than 100. Half of WH assistants are people of colorBiden’s chief of staff was originally scheduled to appear in CNN’s “State of the Union Address.”

The day before Biden entered the White House, the Senate plans to reconvene a new session. The upper house will wait to receive the House’s impeachment resolution against President Trump, almost guaranteeing that the Senate will file a lawsuit during Biden’s administration.

The House of Representatives voted against Trump this week along a bipartisan line, accusing him of inciting violent mobs in the Capitol. The vote made Trump the only president in American history to be impeached twice.

Pelosi also this week Appointed several impeachment managers Debate cases in the House of Representatives during the Senate trial, including the House of Representatives. Jamie RaskinJamin (Jamie) Ben Raskin House impeached Trump for the second time-with the support of some Republicans, the Washington State Representative joined the Republican Party to vote to impeach Trump Trump. Hill’s Morning Post-How many Republicans would vote for Trump’s impeachment?More (D-Md.) As the chief impeachment manager, And other representatives Joaquin CastroJoaquin Castro Pelosi (Joaquin CastroPelosi) appoints nine impeachment managers and legislators to announce the bill to ensure that there is nothing-“no airport, no highway, no school”-to Trump Bye Named after Den Cruz (Cruz), Cruise is the head of the other “big lies” that fueled the mob in the Capitol (Texas).

Ruskin will appear in the “State of the Union Address”, and Castro will be scheduled for “This Week” on ABC.

Amidst the chaos in Washington, the previously anticipated surge of coronavirus after the holiday has now arrived, leading to several pandemic milestones this week.

Only on Tuesday, A record 4327 deaths in the U.S. According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the virus originated from the virus. In the past week, New York Times Coronavirus Database On average, more than 230,000 new infections are recorded every day, a 19% increase from just two weeks ago.

on Sunday, Anthony FauciOvernight healthcare: Biden launches COVID-19 rescue plan | Anthony Fauci The post-holiday surge sets a new fatal record. The Senate report accuses the “broken” system of rising insulin prices. Is there a “minister of thought”?COVID-19 surge after holiday sets new fatal record moreThe director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NBC’s “Media Meeting” will be interviewed, and Rochelle VarenskyRochelle Walensky (Rochelle Walensky) The CDC ordered negative tests on international travelers. After the Capitol building was besieged, more lawmakers tested positive. The upcoming CDC director vowed to tell the truth and restore trust in the world. WHO lists Pfizer vaccine as the first emergency vaccine moreBiden leads the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) draft pick to appear in CBS’s “Face the Country”.

The following is the complete list of guests scheduled to appear on the Sunday talk show this Sunday:

ABC’s “This Week” -Bedingfield; representing Castro and Peter Mayer (R-Mich).

NBC’s “Meeting” -Jaw; Sen Corey BookerAfter the U.S. Department of Justice warned Warren and other senators to seek an investigation into the Trump administration to resume federal executions, Cory Booker (Cory Booker) NCAA announced the name, image and portrait votes. (DN.J.); Representative Nancy Mays (RS.C.)

“Facing the Country” by CBS -representative Adam SchiffWhat should our children know after the riots on Capitol Hill by Adam Bennett Schiff?Pelosi appoints 9 impeachment managers, Democrats, and the Republicans will determine the moment after the Congressional riots (D-Calif.); Valenski Governor Jim Justice (RW.Va.); Mayor Melvin Carter of St. Paul, Minnesota; former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

CNN’s “State of the Union Address” -Klein; Ruskin it. Dick DurbinDick Durbin, a Democrat who wants to speed up the Senate impeachment trial, said that Democrats will investigate extremist groups after the Capitol attacked Trump’s legacy of discord and division. (Dill.); HR McMaster, former national security adviser to President Donald Trump.

“Sunday Fox News” -government Asa HutchinsonAsa Hutchinson Sunday program preview: Senate candidates prepare for Georgia runoff; the government continues to use coronavirus vaccine to transport the United States from COVID-19 to hospitals, a record high Economists warn against excluding state aid from COVID-19 relief (R-ark), Brian DeeseBiden’s chief aide Brian Deese (Brian Deese) Biden’s chief aide said that the president wants a team with no opponents. How to do?The left has increased the pressure on Biden to lobby for moral guarantees more, New Director of the National Economic Committee

“Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News Channel—Ric Grenell, former acting director of the National Intelligence Agency; Glenn Greenwald, reporter and co-founder of Intercept; Alan DershowitzThe Alan Morton Dershowitz wall will be closed in Trump’s final daysHonorary Professor of Harvard Law School

“This Week America and Eric Pauline”-Megan Kelly; Raz Simone-Head of CHOP in Seattle; Dan Lippman of Politico; Peter Navarro, White House Trade Advisor.

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