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The receiver of the Indianapolis Colts, Michael Pittman Jr., discussed the difference between college and professional players.

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Indianapolis— The team playing the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday will have more Colts uniform experience than the entire Colts began to defend.


When the Jets come to Indianapolis this week, their roster will include a dozen former Kotels: running back Frank Gore, guard Nate Harriston, Quincy Wilson, Pierre · Desi and Arthur Molett (injured reserve), safety Matthias Farley, guard Tarell Basham (Tarell Basham), defensive rebounder Henry Anderson (Henry Anderson), Wide receiver Donte Moncrief (practice class/injury), near-end Ros Travis (practice team), offensive rebounder Josh Andrews ( Josh Andrews and his old partner Thomas Hennessy (Thomas Hennessy).

Twelve of them played 307 games for the Colts.

The Colts started defensively this Sunday (counting three guards and a nickel will tie at the age of twelve)-the Colts uniform only played 240 games.

So even if you replace the recently injured Malik Hook (one game) and Julian Black with the recently injured Malik Hook (36 games) and the sick Roya Sheen (16 games) (One game) and TJ Kelly (one game), the Jets will still have more Colts uniform experience.

In his decades of games, Colts coach Frank Reich has never seen something like his team will face on Sunday.

Reich said Wednesday: “I can honestly say that I have never had this experience.” “I mean it’s amazing. …I don’t know every one of these guys, but I know most of them, They are good players for us and good players for the Jets. We know that when some of these guys leave, they will still play football, stay productive and play football.”

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In view of the Jets’ familiarity with the Colts, Reich said the Colts may make some small adjustments to “keep their balance.”

Although the situation on Sunday will certainly be strange and may be unprecedented, it is not completely unexplainable. Jets’ assistant general manager Rex Hogan (Rex Hogan) is very familiar with the organization of the Colts and joined the organization from 2017-18. General Manager Chris Ballard hired Hogan as the supervisor of college scouts when he arrived in Indianapolis in 2017. Hogan left the Jets before the 2019 season, but all 12 former Kotels-for the record, it was Ballard’s three draft picks (Hariston, Wilson, Basham), three abstention requirements (Desir, Maulet, Travis), a free agent signer (Andrews), an undrafted free agent (Hennessy) and four delays from the previous regime (Gore, Moncrief, Anderson, Farley)-in the current jet On the roster, Hogan spent at least a while in Indianapolis.

When asked about all the former Cortez on the roster, Jets coach Adam Gas said: “Chris did a great job.” “The way they are structured and able to continue their excellent drafting work attracts suitable candidates. (Attracting your attention). This tells you when to be a candidate elsewhere and still in the league.”

Of course, due to Hogan’s relationship with Ballard and the Colts, not all of these players are directly in New York.

For example, Gore has a long relationship with Gase. Gore played for Gas in San Francisco (2008) and Miami (2018), and then met him in New York this season.

Gas said: “It’s amazing how old he is and how he does things.” “He did a great job last week (21 scored 63 yards). We gave him a lot of goals, especially in the first half. . His running results are very good.”

For Gore, Sunday may not be an option for a revenge game, as it often happens for players who are left out by his former team. But at least a few former Kotels will be avenging. They will be a large part of Jets Middle School.

Although he was on the bench due to poor performance in the first season of the game, Desir looks set to perform well this Sunday and the Jets are facing a series of injuries.

Desir was the Colts’ nomination for Walter Peyton’s Man of the Year in 2019, and was surprised to learn that he was cut by the Colts during the offseason. Although he struggled in 2019, he was still struggling with injuries and signed a three-year contract extension before the offseason.

Desir told Jets reporters Wednesday that he must be careful not to let his mood get better this Sunday.

In the face of cutting his team, Desir said: “This is definitely something deep in my heart. I have to make sure that I don’t let those emotions exceed what I need to do.”

Wilson will also get some proof from Jet School. The 2017 second-round pick was not ashamed to express how happy the Colts were when they traded him as a sixth-round pick in the NFL Draft.

Wilson has always been professional in the Colts locker room, but he was not satisfied with his inactivity for most of last season.

“It was a good day when I was traded-probably the best day of my life,” Wilson told Jets reporters during the offseason. “A lot has happened to Indy. But I am happy for this new opportunity. This is how I am in a better new situation.”

Due to the unfavorable situation in Indianapolis, Wilson seems to be conservative with defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus and his plan. He said that the jet “guides you in acting instead of covering the grass. This is how I have been taught to catch the ball. This is here. That suits me.”

Wilson didn’t defend in the Jets’ opener, but Bill made 25 spikes in Week 2. Considering their injuries, Wilson may play a bigger role this week, which should give him enough opportunities to show their abilities to the Colts. Gone.

However, Ghaith believes that his team does not need any additional motivation. After a difficult start 0-2, they just need to win.

The Colts know they will face a desperate team on Sunday. Considering how familiar they are with so many Jets personnel, don’t expect them to underestimate the challenges waiting.

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