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“Such a Real City” is a must-see series of all the independent and unequal glory of Chicago

The pride of Chicago’s hometown is unique. No matter how long we have to move to a new place for transplantation, many of us still defend the magnificent institutions of the city, such as the Cubs, deep dish pizza and mustard, onions, celery salt, neon green flavored hot dogs, pickled Spears and fresh tomatoes. (Ketchup is used for pagans.)

Even though we are happy to leave this sweet house, we have no plans to return, but for some parts of this sweet house, it took more than a few years and learned that all of the city’s The great life has given the people who live there even more happily that we have fallen behind.

Unless you know something about it, the unique charm of the Nat Geo/Hulu series “City So Real”

; may allow you or any viewers who have not lived there or a place like this to escape-that is, by the community The world is independent and unequal.

The documentary filmmaker Steve James examines the deep-rooted socioeconomic inequality in cities in his extraordinary Starz series “America to Me”, despite the fact that In the project, James and his team filtered this experience through a neighborhood high school located in a neighborhood at the intersection of a wealthy white area and a poor black area.

According to the contract, the “real city” is a panoramic view designed to convey the scale of Chicago on a large scale, and the skeleton of the plot was built around the 2019 mayoral election. This is also an experience journey through American cities. Identity is to change even if many aspects of its identity remain the same.

This refers to the charming part and the ugly part. Chicago is the hometown of the sports dynasty and long-sought-after losers. It is a treasure of the sky and a lakeside. In the warm summer, it shines with the light of the sea. But this is also an example of a high degree of segregation, racism, and an example of the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and political corruption has exacerbated gentrification, put long-term residents into trouble, and exacerbated this gap between rich and poor.

James tells the story of Chicago through the voices of the people who live there, jumping between the north, south and west sides-Lake Michigan is in the east-during the election and Laquan McDonald (Laquan McDonald) was a teenager. The Chicago police shot 16 times. Many of the 17 candidates seeking elections lead their own subgraphs, but so do working people and power brokers.

The camera takes the audience into high-end venues and private dinners, where long-time supporters and the city’s political machine turn to the donor class for help, and enter the communities where the role of high-reputation but smaller bank accounts is exhausted All you can.

In this regard, its five episodes are shown as examples of the sordid politics and the exhaustive research of upstarts and visionaries who do their best to disrupt the cycle. Mayor candidate Garry McCarthy described the political process as “appointing” a mayor, rather than electing a mayor, but quoting the famous phrase: “The Chicago Road.” He said this was frustrating, even though the former police chief was fired for handling the McDonald’s case, he was the beneficiary of this approach.

The news that Lori Lightfoot finally appeared in the office of the mayor, throughout the series, shows that it is possible to break into an exclusive and exclusive political system, although the ending re-examines many themes that appeared in the first four episodes. The pandemic shows the other side of politicians who lack deep connections.

The lively scenes of the “Real City” portray how similar a city’s population is in terms of the living environment we love – our love for sports teams, and the social cohesion provided by local gathering places. We see that in most of the white Portage Park on the north side and most of the Black Hyde Park on the south side and the mainly Hispanic residential area Pilsen on the lower side of the west side, the integrated Halloween (mostly black) Hyde Park) looks like Halloween. The only difference is that all the children on the north side are white and the children in Hyde Park are all black. At the same time, Pilsen features aboriginal dancers and the Day of the Dead parade.

These film tours that coincide with the narrative of corruption in the judicial system and the mayor’s racial duel make “such a real city” a case study of how the United States cannot handle its race and class relations. But they can be frustratingly (if not surprising at all) witness. For example, during the demonstrations, Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was prosecuted, the police officer who fatally shot McDonald’s, shrouded the hustle and bustle of the city’s black community, and James talked with the devastated North Siders, and they even both I don’t know who Laquan McDonald is. Or what happened. They smiled at the camera and admitted that they did not really follow the news.

On the concept that a city of James contains several different Americas, we put forward a clearer view, which is in sharp contrast with the experience of two barbershops: Sideline Studio in the South Bank community and mostly white Joe’s of Bridgeport.

At Sideline, customers had a passionate discussion about system racism, and its owners even labelled customers who were waiting to be cut incredibly offensive. But everyone is striding forward – this man is a post office worker who is inspired by working in the same system with boots sitting on the necks of black people across the country, sitting on the owner’s chair, holding his head Do it well.

Then we cut to Joe’s Street, where the regulars don’t care about anything and only mention minorities obliquely. Later, after the murder of George Floyd in an episode of “The Real City” after the COVID, one of Joe’s gracious regulars rudely stated that he was not surprised by the riots because the total It happened “when one of them” was killed. After a while, another customer suddenly yelled, skipped the coding language, and jumped directly to the upper class. (It is worth mentioning that since he filmed this exchange, James is white.)

This approach may make viewers who are accustomed to concise, narrowly linear stories seem to spread a “real city”, intended to evoke a city. This is not completely unfounded. In some corners of the series, the ambitious ambition of the filmmaker will enclose as much Chicago as possible in its beauty and withering, making him better.On the other hand, by assigning the same grandeur and artistry as the green grass in the blank space of the slum area, just like his grand architecture of gold
James created an honest and romantic letter for this difficult partner in the architecture of the coastal area.

“The Hidden City” is named after the words of Tim Tuten, one of the owners of The Hideout Bar, which is the most typical place in the industrial corridor of the North Branch. Close to the affluent Lincoln Park. The hideout is a piece of local history that dates back to the late 1800s, and Tuten proudly claims that it was the choice of writer Nelson Algren.

In one of his authoritative works “Chicago: City of Creation”, the author compares his love for this place to “love a woman with a broken nose, you may find a more lovely lover, but there has never been such a real one people.”

Now, this hideout is under threat from the 50-acre, multi-billion-dollar Lincoln Yards. The building will be located across the road. We see Tuton and his wife Katie enter a public hearing Yes, to persuade the city to refuse to approve the permit needed to build it. Tuten pointed to the city hall mural, with its towering metal and glass skyline towering over the old Chicago brick house. He admitted: “We know we will fight industry leaders. But we know that in Chicago, there has never been a city so real. Yes, okay?… We surpassed our heavyweight in Chicago.”

The poem of the declaration is unparalleled. Tuten’s loser optimism soon fell into Chicago and became the city’s prosperous machine. Another voice in the City Council Chamber said: “I think this will pass because anyone with $5 billion in funding can get help.”

This is also the reality of Chicago.

“City So Real” will premiere all five episodes at Nat Geo on Thursday, October 29th at 7pm Eastern Time. The full series will be broadcast on Hulu on Friday, October 30th.

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