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Stimulus checks: President Donald Trump signed the COVID 19 relief bill, which also provided funding for the government and avoided imminent shutdowns

West Palm Beach, Fla. (AP)-President Donald Trump has signed a $900 billion pandemic relief plan that will provide businesses and individuals with long-sought cash. It also avoids a government shutdown.

Trump announced his signature in the statement on Sunday night.

This huge bill includes $1.4 trillion in funding to fund government agencies by September, as well as other priorities at the end of the session, such as funding for the underfunded transportation system and increasing food stamp revenue.

The bill, now signed by the president, includes a $600 check for Americans whose annual income is less than $75,000. Democrats want bigger stimulus measures, but representatives of the White House and Republicans are fighting to reduce the stimulus measures.

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After the two parties agreed and passed the bill, Trump subsequently declared that the $600 check was too small. He said that he would only sign until the amount increased to $2,000.

On Sunday, Trump signed the bill without changing the check amount. However, in his statement he did call on Congress to make more changes to the bill.

“I will sign the Omnibus and Covid package to convey a strong message to the U.S. Congress that wasted items must be removed. I will send back the red line version of Congress item by item, and ask Congress to formally revoke the resolution, insisting that these funds will Removed from the bill.”

; he wrote.

He reiterated that he wanted a bill that would give Americans $2,000.

Democratic leaders in both houses supported the $2,000 check plan, but Republican leaders rejected the plan. In a statement, Senate Majority Leader McConnell praised Trump for signing the package and preventing “closures when our country cannot afford it.”

The Democrats promised more aid to once President-elect Biden takes office, but the Republicans signal a wait and see attitude.

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As President Donald Trump refused to sign the year-end COVID relief and spending bill, unemployment benefits for thousands of Americans struggling to survive disappeared overnight.

As Trump continues to demand greater COVID relief inspections and complains about “pork” consumption, the fate of the bipartisan package remains in trouble on Sunday. Without the extensive funding provided by large-scale measures, the government will shut down when funds run out at 12:01 AM on Tuesday morning.

Lanetris Haines said: “This is a chess game, and we are a pawnshop.” Lanetris Haines is a self-employed single mother in South Bend, Indiana, with only three children. Unless Trump signs the plan, he Will lose $129 in unemployment benefits every week. Seek change.

Since Trump received full approval in both houses of Congress and the White House assured Republican leaders that Trump would support the agreement, Washington has been persevering.

Instead, he attacked the bill’s plan to provide most Americans with a $600 COVID relief check-insisting that it should be $2,000. House Republicans quickly rejected the idea at a rare Christmas Eve meeting. However, despite the country’s pandemic, Trump has not been affected.

Trump tweeted from Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday: “I just want our great man to get $2,000, not the current $600.” “Also, stop the multi-billion dollar’pork’. .”

President-elect Biden called on Trump to immediately sign the deadline for two federal programs to provide unemployment assistance to midnight on Saturday.

Biden said: “On the day after Christmas, because President Donald Trump refused to sign the overwhelming bipartisan majority vote approved by Congress, millions of families did not know whether they could make ends meet.” Said in a statement. He accused Trump of “abandoning responsibility” with “destructive consequences”.

“I have been talking to people who are worried about being kicked out of their homes during the Christmas holidays, and if we don’t sign this bill, it may still happen,” said Rep. Debbie Dingell. Michigan Democrat.

Lauren Bauer, an economic research researcher at the Brookings Institution, calculated that 11 million people would immediately lose aid under the program without additional relief. Millions of people will use up other unemployment benefits within a few weeks.

Andrew Stettner, an unemployment insurance expert and senior researcher at the Century Foundation think tank, said that due to the rise in unemployment since Thanksgiving, this number may be close to 14 million.

Heidi Shierholz, policy director of the Liberal Economic Policy Institute, said in a tweet on Wednesday: “If Trump does not sign the damn bill, all these people and their families will suffer.”

How and when people are affected by the delay depends on their living conditions, the plans they rely on, and when they apply for benefits. Stetner said that in some states, people with regular unemployment insurance will continue to receive payments through a program that expands benefits when the unemployment rate exceeds a certain threshold.

However, approximately 9.5 million people have been relying on the pandemic unemployment assistance program, which expires all on Saturday. The program enables freelancers, odd jobs and other people who are usually not eligible to obtain unemployment insurance. Stetner said that these recipients will not be able to apply for more assistance after receiving the last check.

Although it is possible to collect payments retrospectively, any gap will mean more difficulties and uncertainties for Americans who have struggled to deal with bureaucratic delays, and they often spend a lot of savings to pay the bills.

They are people like Earl McCarthy. He is the father of four and lives in South Fulton, Georgia. He has been unemployed since losing his job as a sales representative for the luxury residential community. He said that if Trump refuses to sign the bill, he will have no income by the second week of January.

McCarthy said that when he waited for five months to start receiving unemployment benefits of about $350 a week, he had burned most of his savings.

McCarthy said: “The whole experience was shocking.” “I couldn’t help thinking, if I didn’t save anything or have emergency funds in those five months, where did we go?”

He added: “If the President does not sign the bill, it will be very difficult.”

The bill is waiting for Trump to sign in Florida. The bill will also activate a federal grant of $300 a week to pay unemployment benefits.

Sharon Shelton Corpening (Sharon Shelton Corpening) has always hoped that additional help will enable her 83-year-old mother who lives with her to stop eating her social insurance money in order to pay $1,138 in rent.

Corping, who lives in the Atlanta area, launched a free content strategy business that took off before the pandemic broke out, prompting some of her contracts to fail. According to the Pandemic Unemployment Plan, she can get about $125 a week and said she will not be able to pay the bills in about a month. Although she was a temporary worker for the U.S. Census and elected a pollster, this is still the case.

“We are on the verge of extinction.” Kopnin said he lobbied for the unemployment action, a relief project initiated by the People’s Democratic Center. “If this happens for another month, then I will run out of everything.”

In addition to the lost unemployment benefits, Trump’s continued refusal to sign the bill will lead to the expiration of the deportation protection rights, and will provide a new round of subsidies for businesses, restaurants and theaters that have been hit hard, as well as a new round of subsidies to fund reconstruction after the disaster. Transportation system and vaccine distribution.

This relief measure is accompanied by a $1.4 trillion government funding bill to keep the federal government running until September, which means that failure to sign the agreement before midnight on Tuesday will result in the federal government shutting down.


Olsen reports from New York.

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