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Stephen Curry (Steph Curry), the Warriors have played for two great teams, but it’s hard to exaggerate how terrible they are

If you haven’t watched it yet, please make full disclosure: The Golden State Warriors have played two very good teams, respectively entering the 2020-21 season with the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks. In addition, Draymond Green, who directly addressed the Warriors’ two most pressing needs, has not played any games. Weigh these factors.

Having determined this, it is almost impossible to exaggerate how bad the Warriors lost 65 points in the first two games-according to ESPN Stats and Info, this is the second-to-last start in NBA history, second only 1987 -88 Clippers, completed 1


Steve Kerr (Steve Kerr) said: “We did not execute anything,” Christmas after the Golden State Warriors lost 138-99 in Milwaukee during Christmas. “It’s just scattered and chaotic. I’m disappointed by this and I need to be responsible for it.”

Scatter and chaos is one way to describe it. Another way is to put graphic warnings on game film, because no one should not enter this material without a fair warning. In two games, Kelly Oubre Jr. spent $40 million (including fines) on the purchase after Klay Thompson was injured at the end of the season. He has been a bagel so far. Services provided.

Zero is 11.

Overall, he was 4 of 24 shots.

Most of Oubre’s shots are not even close. He scored three points at Christmas. And it won’t get better from there. Andrew Wiggins’s three-pointer percentage is only 10.2, but the shooting percentage is only 29%. Sometimes dribbling seems difficult. Even Stephen Curry (Steph Curry) is laying bricks outdoors at a ratio of 20 to 4, accounting for 34% of the total. He started fishing at Christmas and then airdropped.

There has been a familiar sense of frustration as to whether Curry should handle the ball more and try to create offense through the pick and roll. I think I should be a member of the task force, because the Warriors no longer have the passers necessary to maximize his non-passing effects, and there are not enough secondary creators who can be in Curry’s Break the defense when the action stops. Just a few simple non-ball switches.

But there are many aspects to this debate, namely, what is the upper limit of a single performance, and whether Curry still has the ability to continue to create and sink Superman shots. In the third game of the 2019 Finals, he scored 47 points on the Raptors, and Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson were eliminated, proving that he still has the hero ball. But he is 32 years old this year. In recent years, he has been hit. In a small space, he doesn’t seem to have that explosive power.

There is also a rhythm factor. Take Damian Lillard as an example. He has basically spent the past year in pick-and-roll and shot-put hunting areas, from where he can only see a rim as wide as the ocean . Curry has been in this area for a while. He scored 29% of the pick-and-rolls when he won the first MVP of the 2014-15 season, and he scored 26% of the pick-and-rolls in the second and second MVPs next season. Beat the league-record 402 three-pointers.

Curry’s last healthy regular season season, according to the synergy, he only relied on 21% of his own assets for pick and roll. Forget about Lillard or Trae Young, the guys who have complete authority over their offense; Curry’s pick-and-rolls in 2018-19 were nearly 20% lower than his brother Seth.

It can be said that when you have not had such a game for a long time, you will not feel as creative as dribbling. It took Curry three seasons to become an off-court killer, while allowing Kevin Durant (Kevin Durant) to rule any isolated possessions spread by the Warriors, and you might not be able to count down just four or five years, because the Warriors Suddenly you need to be who you used to be.

Even if Curry can still be that player, Kerr does not want him to be that player. He firmly believes that inclusiveness is like Mark Jackson in mismatch isolation, and there is no evidence that any coach supports their principles. Compared with Jackson, Kerr’s principle has achieved greater success. He is based on that record, and he believes the Warriors, especially Oubre and Wiggins, will come.

After Christmas, Kerr said: “Kelly will be fine. Andrew will be fine.” “Over time, it will disappear completely.”

Maybe this is true. Maybe Green will come back and Curry will have a qualified passer on the offensive end. Perhaps for the defender, this is a magical turning point. Magic must make the Warriors reach the top ten in order to have a chance to compete for a place in the playoffs, but it is more like a road rush. Better, because so far, the terrible numbers can’t even reflect the true performance of the Warriors.

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