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Steph Curry dismissed the Warriors’ first two games

Steph did not interrupt the Warriors’ difficult start to the 20-21 season and initially appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

After two games, Stephen Curry did not seem to be the MVP candidate as he expected, and this season he will be Klay Thompson for the Warriors. In the Warriors’ first two losses, Curry only made 13 of 38 shots and made only 4 of his 20 attempts from three-pointers.

Draymond Green is absent and has a lot of new faces to supply the Warriors’ rotation. Understandably, after a short training camp and such a long layoff between games, Curry may It takes some time to completely set and feel comfortable. But after answering the last question of his suppressor, he lost more than 20 points and Curry did not talk about the team̵

7;s mentality at 0-2 odds.

“Yes, we need to win immediately,” Curry said, before catching the Warriors’ bus from the Fiserv forum in Milwaukee.

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So far, in the 2020-21 season, no single problem can stop the Warriors from moving forward. In the past ten years, the organization known for its three-point shooter has been unable to regain its status because open shots continue. Coach Steve Kerr said in the preseason that he wanted the Warriors to be in the top ten on the defensive end, but the Warriors scored 124 and 138 points at the start of the season, despite their differences with the NBA. Two of the top teams and have served as MVPs for Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The Warriors’ offense in three consecutive championships is the closest thing to poetry in basketball, and Curry emphasized that he and his teammates need to maintain a balance and be zero in execution.

After losing to the Milwaukee Bucks 138-99 on Friday, Curry told reporters: “We just need to concentrate.” “I think sometimes, when things are not going well, you miss your shots. This Sometimes there is a tendency to force and squeeze, but just not thinking.

“At the moment when you don’t take photos and try to easily master the conditions and create a beautiful look together, the collective IQ of our team must improve a lot, and this will happen over time.”

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There was a sequence in the second quarter where the expensive offseason added Kelly Oubre Jr. (Kelly Oubre Jr.) to dribble for more than 10 seconds before flying to the basket and fouling, trying to score more than three Milwaukee guards. You can’t be sure, but it’s hard to imagine that Curry and Kerr’s reaction here was not because Oubre, captured by Twitter user @protectedpick, decided not to try to move the ball.

The return of Draymond Green should make life easier for Curry and the other Warriors, especially on the defensive end. But the difficult start of Oubre and Andrew Wiggins did not go smoothly. As many people pointed out, the two products of Kansas wing are the X-factor for how far the Warriors have gone this season.

Curry is a respected leader and will not call his teammates publicly, but he obviously requires him and his teammates to make greater efforts in all aspects.

In the comments after the game, Steph is usually not a big fire, but Steph’s voice is depressing, but he is motivated to try to get the Warriors back on track.

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