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SSC will redo Tuatara’s top speed record to the satisfaction of Nay-Sayers

If the previous week was a busy and stressful week for SSC North America, that would be an understatement. It would be great if only SSC Tuatara’s high-speed driving video (see below) was clean and tidy.

It turns out that certain aspects of the video prompted Shmee and others to question its validity. SSC issued a statement acknowledging the inconsistent allegations and further pointed out that video editing was the problem. They promised to correct their mistakes and give appropriate answers.

We now have an answer, which comes directly from Jerod Shelby, the founder of SSC North America. In the video uploaded by the company (embedded at the top of the page), Shelby made a personal statement reviewing the situation after the dispute occurred.

Correspondingly, Shelby announced that they are retrying the SSC Tuatara top speed record.

“So when I sit there and think about it, there is no way to make it perfect. It hit me. We have to rerun the record. We have to do it again, and with undeniable and irrefutable Way to do it… So next time we are going to be ready to do this in the near future, we need to make sure we have multiple GPS companies, equipment in cars. I want to make sure we have their employees watching us on site And analyzed every run, every detail,” he said in the video.

In addition, Shelby specially invited Shmee and other questioners who expressed doubts about the validity of the record-setting record.

He added: “I hope you can look directly at our shoulders and verify, so that you can prove to the world and the automotive industry that you are also interested in the capabilities of cars.”

SSC has not yet announced the details of the replay of Tuatara’s top speed record and its response to the special invitation. We hope to receive a letter from SSC again in the next few days, and we will as always ensure that it is above this.

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