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Spelunky 2 game review: Roguelite perfect

Ana (center) is the star of <em>Spelunky 2</em>She is looking for adventurous parents after her parents ventured to abandon her parents to find the baby on the moon.  “/><figcaption class=
enlarge / Anna (center) is a star Spelunky 2, She is looking for adventurous parents because they abandoned her to find treasure on the moon.


My recent work at Ars Technica revolves around high-end devices such as VR headsets, GPUs and next-generation consoles. It’s interesting.

However, while browsing embargoed hardware and crazy news announcements, I continued to return to the “next generation” model beyond a single video game.

Spelunky 2 Probably the most “outdated” game, I will put the label “Recognized by Ars” in 2020. The adjective “outdated” works partly because the success of the game is largely based on the 2D popularity in 2012 Spelunky HD…with that The title is based on the 16 geniuses of the original version of the free software in 2009. (You can still download it! Free! Next to its source code!)

Certain types of gamers will hear “Spelunky 2 everything fine Spelunky HD, Only better” and hope not to hear it again. This is fair (especially for those players who will insist on launching the game on PC within two weeks after the timed PlayStation 4 exclusivity is exhausted). Spelunky 2Just like its predecessor, it comes from how to cleverly shake cups filled with gameplay and level construction elements, then pour them on the table, and shout “Yahtzee!”. Because it surprises you time and time again. (To be clear, in this game, “Yahtzee” is synonymous with “You dead!” Spelunky 2)

No spoilers yet, swear

Between two runs, you can find characters wandering in an underground village.  (The characters are just decorative, but it's still interesting to find their audiovisual differences.)
enlarge / Between two runs, you can find characters wandering in an underground village. (The characters are just decorative, but it’s still interesting to discover their audiovisual differences.)
Spelunky 2 product picture

Spelunky 2 [PS4, PC]

(Ars Technica may receive sales compensation through the link on this post through the affiliate program.)

For this reason, what this article mainly discusses Spelunky 2 As a sequel correct. First of all, the good news is that there is no change in form.

If you never GrumpyBefore, or if it has been a while, here is an update: the goal of each game in the series is to develop from the top to the bottom of a network of caves full of treasures. Like Super Mario In the game, your horizontal scrolling 2D hero has fast speed and momentum when running and jumping. As an Indiana Jones style tune, your default arsenal includes whips, the ability to grab ledges, and a limited number of bombs and climbing ropes. All these core systems are still responsive like hell, and the feel of the game is crucial so good Take control, because you need to master its pixel-perfect leap and dash to survive its chaos.

Every Spelunky 2 By reorganizing and remixing a large number of prefabricated horizontal parts, horizontal parts can be generated programmatically. Every time you die, your progress will return to the top of the cave, and you will find that the world below you has remixed. By default, you cannot remember the exact arrangement of monsters, traps, shopkeepers, items, treasures and secrets, and then optimize the operation accordingly. This fact, coupled with how the dangerous elements in the game instantly eliminate the entire running process, forces the player to enter Spelunky 2Cruel reality: working together or perishing.

After I played for three hours Spelunky 2, I kept saying to myself: The seemingly new monsters, items, and adjustments made me very surprised…until I realized how many of them have not changed at all from the previous game. I point this out because I am surprised at how many people Spelunky 2 Without changing the good ideas in the original works of 2009, every moment in 2020 will be incredible.

Your default whipping attack still has “back” momentum. Bats still fly “straight” to your hero with annoyingly curved lines, which makes them surprising. The freezing ray can still be used, especially when it allows you to turn dangerous enemies into useful ice blocks for climbing. The monkeys are still tossing, they are all to rob and annoy you. “Assistants” controlled by AI are still lunatics and do more harm than good. Something similar.

Gentle spoiler starts here

Instead of deleting or redefining the original pillar Grumpy, The existence of the sequel is largely a response to the ten-year frenzy of the game. Over the years, diehard fans have continued to play the original version, and Spelunky 2 Provide fresh things for veteran audiences, and organically drip into anyone who might have a bad smell on the game.

In a recent interview with SpelunkyCast, series creator Derek Yu explained that the main design pillar of this sequel is to make it look more like an open-world game in which “all” the main game elements are seen at once The possibility is relatively unlikely. Yu thinks, if you want to play games over and over again, why always go from mines to jungles to ice caves? Therefore, the first major change comes from the bifurcation path of each run, after about every four levels, players will get multiple “world” options. When the environment is about to change, you will have access to at least two doors, and these four doors will be very different in terms of enemies, challenges and traps.

Without causing too much damage, some of these environmental changes include new changes in “liquid” physics. Think about it Spelunky HD, You may be forced to use one of the limited bombs to make holes in the wall to reach treasure or make progress. That is still Spelunky 2, But now, consider the amount of liquid that the bomb may have intentionally or unintentionally transferred or dispersed. Does the liquid contain items? If you swim in that liquid (new action in this game), can you reach a new place? Could liquid harm you in one way or another? And, if you have freezing rays, can you turn dangerous enemies into floating ice cubes?


In our early tests, Kyle Orland of Ars Technica and I had different opinions on these branch paths: which branch is safer, more fruitful or more interesting. In these branch paths, neither of us likes anything. The difference between it is enough to cause a convincing disagreement-my goodness, this is absolute fruit juice A game of life and death through procedural generation. An excellent random adventure game should not only be fun, but should also cause more drinking fountain conversations among fans: “…and that I made the shopkeeper angry, but then he was squashed, so I quickly grabbed his trophy, but the horned lizard trapped me in a corner! “

In addition to major changes, there are many more. More types of stores, including some types of stores, allow you to exchange your accumulated wealth for slot machine bonuses or tickets, and enter the mysterious and treasured vault. More items, including the deadly bow, can be reloaded with any arrow found (especially the arrow shot from the trap). More and more enemies and creatures are mixing things of all levels, looking for new and dangerous possibilities, such as annoying mole rats crawling in and out from the ceiling and floor, which will seem harmless, A tunnel full of treasures becomes a potential death trap.

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