After months of rumors, LG officially announced that it will withdraw from the smartphone business on July 31.

The company will begin liquidating its existing inventory from today, although it may not be completed until July. Current mobile phones will continue to provide software support, but how long this support can last depends on the region. It is expected that more details will begin as early as tomorrow, but considering that despite efforts, OTA has not yet determined the pace, so we do not expect high.

LG continued to state in the statement that it will focus on 6G wireless infrastructure and other areas where mobile-related technologies (such as electric vehicle components) can be applied. There is no clue as to whether it will decide to cancel its current project (such as a rollable phone).

After six consecutive years of losses, the fate of LG̵

7;s smartphone division has been up in the air. According to reports, before the talks broke down, a Vietnamese company was a candidate to buy the department.

Other parts of LG Electronics’ product portfolio (such as TVs and home appliances) still exist.