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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the month that entered the COVID-1

9 pandemic has set a record for the number of new cases and deaths within a week.

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South Dakota hit a record high in the daily number of COVID-19 infections on Wednesday and reported new cases of infection.

The South Dakota Department of Health has reported 1,270 new infections and 412 hospitalizations, an increase of 17 in the past 24 hours. Another 9 people died, and there were 384 deaths across the state.

The number of active infections increased by 754 to a total of 11,933.

State epidemiologist Josh Clayton said on Wednesday that 28 people in South Dakota may have been re-infected with the disease 90 days after the first infection, raising questions about how long antibodies can resist infection.

Residents of Minnehaha County have newly infected 284 people. Some of them appear to be among inmates and staff in South Dakota prisons. As of Tuesday, the Department of Corrections has reported 597 positive results for prisoners and staff there. Clayton said that this number has increased to 710.

There are 98 cases in Lincoln County. Brown County accounted for 31 cases and Codington County had 36 new infections.

The Ministry of Health said that six of the nine people who died were over 80 years old, while one was between 70-79 years old, one was between 60-69 years old, and one was between 50-59 years old. According to reports, these deaths occurred in Brookings, Campbell, Lake, Lagrata and Minnehaha counties, as well as two residents in Codington and Walworth counties respectively.

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