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Sony will release its next-generation Xperia phone on April 14

Sony announced in a very low-key manner that the upcoming Xperia event will be held on April 14th (via DRobot life). The news comes from a banner ad on the Xperia YouTube channel, which indicates that it is at 4:30 PM Japan Standard Time (3:30 AM Eastern Standard Time or 12:30 Pacific Time, if you want to burn midnight, a new product will be released) Watch the live broadcast).

The tagline does not have any real hints about the upcoming news, but there are some rumors circulating around-one about the new flagship Xperia 1 III, and another about the return of the Xperia Compact, which may eventually become a rumor. Android̵

7;s answer to the iPhone Mini.

Picture: Sony

It is worth noting that there are other rumors mentioning the new versions of Xperia 5 and 10, which completely abandon Compact. But almost all rumors indicate that we will see a new entry in the flagship Xperia 1 series.The leak indicates that the 1 III will be equipped with a periscope zoom lens, and Technology Radar It may be the complete specification recently released. This is mainly what the flagship Android phone expects: Snapdragon 888, 12GB RAM, 5G and 4K 120Hz screen.

It’s safe to say that if only one phone is announced (the singular “product” in Sony’s images implies this), then Xperia 1 III will be fine-the line seems to be circulating every year. Compact is more like a wildcard-Sony last released a “Compact” branded phone in 2018, although it did use this term to promote the Xperia 5 II, and its 6.1-inch screen size is roughly the same. As an iPhone 12 Pro or Galaxy S21. Rumors about the 2021 version of Compact claim that it will be equipped with a 5.5-inch display, which is only slightly larger than the iPhone Mini’s screen.

There are rumors that these two potential phones have headphone jacks. As for what we actually saw that day, only time will tell-but thankfully, there is not much left.

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