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Sonos and IKEA are developing new Symfonisk speakers that can be clearly seen

Sonos has been busy adding products such as and to its product lineup, but it has been some time since we have heard any new news from the company. But this seems to be about to change. On Instagram, IKEA has already started a new attempt on their joint Symfonisk series of products. At about the same time, the Federal Communications Commission uploaded new documents from the two companies.

According to reports Two new products covered by the document were released on Tuesday, one of which is an update to its existing products-that is, a speaker similar to Sonos:1 that can double as a light source. According to reports, its price will be similar to the current $179 model. Other than that, there are not too many details.

However, it becomes interesting here. According to reports, the second new product they plan is a hidden speaker that can double as an artwork.Again, there are few details here edge Say it may be a complete artwork print, or it may be something you attach to an existing frame. It is worth noting that between these two new devices, there seems to be no Sonos, and IKEA will update the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker for $99. At the same time, it sounds like they do not intend to stop using it, which is good news for those who want to enter the Sonos ecosystem at an affordable price.

It is not clear when Sonos and IKEA will release their new speakers, but the former does confirm that they are developing new speakers. “Partnerships [Sonos and IKEA] Stronger than ever, we are excited about the products that we develop together”

;, Sonos spokesperson . “We look forward to sharing more information in due course.”

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