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Soapbox: My colleagues are betting on how far I will go through the Final Fantasy VII remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Note: This feature contains spoilers and remakes of some very old games.

Any fan of Final Fantasy may wish to stop reading at this point. Yes, the first sentence. Entry time: I have never played the groundbreaking adventure of Cloud Strife on the original PlayStation, nor have I played it in other Final Fantasy. The closest I was to watching my cousin’s Final Fantasy IX. I remember being fascinated by it, but if I said that I understood what was happening on the screen, I would lie. In essence, my impact on the franchise is zero. It̵

7;s not that I think the game is bad, I just never participated. However, some changes have taken place recently: PS Plus members can use “Final Fantasy VII Remake”.

At first, I thought I would ignore it, but how can I find a chance to play it for free? This is a (more or less) version of the JRPG game popular in the West with one hand. This is a game that is often recognized as “All Timer” and a masterpiece.Since 2005, the demand for remakes has been very strong, how can you Is not Will you be excited when it is finally announced at E3 ten years later? People really like this game, a muscular man named fool, and now I can play the copy for free. I think I should.

However, before starting, I thought it was fun to involve my Push Square colleagues. They know very well that I am not a big fan of JRPG, so I want to know how far they think I will go before the end of the day. Robert Ramsey has the greatest confidence in me and believes that I will stick to it till the end. Sammy Barker was not so sure, spending money on me was about dropping out of school during the second sewerage. Liam Croft (Liam Croft) is the least optimistic, he claims that I will not start the game at all. Good guy, the challenge is accepted.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 PlayStation 4 2

Spoiler: I did start the game. I don’t have any nostalgia for the original work, nor any reference points, so I became curious. Over the years, all the information I have absorbed is what I know, just like you play a person named Cloud, and a person named Aerith is killed in the middle. I have seen the clip. Definitely confused the pesky guy with a sword. Just chopped thoroughly.

In any case, the first impression is very good. The opening cutscenes are great; it has such an amazingly grand scale that it can be quickly scaled down to show Midgar’s absurd scale. The quality of the movie was there, and it really attracted me at first. It introduces you to the Avalanche team consisting of Barrett, Biggs, Wedge, Jessie and Cloud Strife. I’m afraid to say that Cloud’s somersault falling from the train to the platform didn’t make me feel cool. This is not a good person. Like, who did it? I immediately thought that this guy was a bit foolish. However, I cannot generalize on this.

Unfortunately, for “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, the character opened his mouth and spoke. Sorry, despite my initial warning, there are still fans reading, but I don’t like many conversations. Of course, some of them are good, but I was surprised by the predictability of the characters-they immediately became classic prototypes. I found it impossible to keep in touch with Biggs and Wedge, the latter felt very casual from the beginning, but personally, I was unable to participate in the overall portrayal and dialogue. I know that Remake is only part of a larger project, but everyone is very one-dimensional to me. I also know that this is a repeat since 1997, so of course there will be some awkward or weird conversations. Even with this in mind, I spend most of my time in the game experimenting with scripts and characters.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 PlayStation 4 3

One aspect I really like is fighting. First, I found it too complicated. It manifests itself as an appalling action game, but it is not the case. Basic attacks are just a way to enhance your correct behavior and can be accessed in the ATB menu. It is a strange mixture of real-time actions and selection commands, but once I wrap my head around it-and exchange characters frequently-I find it very satisfying. Especially boss fights are a highlight for me, find out their weaknesses and use them as much as I can. I also like the overall style of the battle. When you throw magic and cut it down with an oversized sword, it will show excellent animation effects.

I think a bright spot for me is actually the crazy task with the cyclist. I must check his name, it is Roche. Wuyun and the gang rode their motorcycles to Jesse’s old house and engaged in some avalanche business, but this man was swaying and spinning his bicycle like a lyre on a bicycle. It was ridiculous. Fighting with him while driving is one thing, but he shows up again, which is a visible sight. At these moments, when I am not afraid to embrace absurd games, I think I like this game the most. Another example is that you are actually fighting the Devil’s House. I have never seen it before.

Unfortunately, when I reached the Don Corneo area, things had become thinner for me. The pace and even the visual quality of this game are extremely inconsistent, and I find all this very shocking. I almost withdrew from the part where you have to operate the robotic arm to move the transport container. It is bulky and more importantly, it is completely unnecessary. Because there are parts like this, the game time far exceeds the required time. In fact, I think they are the reason that prevents me from beating the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 PlayStation 4 4

That’s right-Liam was not only wrong for me to start, but Robert was also wrong for me to finish the race. Sammy eventually won the bet, but I did not reach the level of the second sewer area (one area is a lot). Where do I tell it to quit? Haunted train yard. What needs to be clear is that it was not that the game dropped this particular part of the controller, but it happened to be where I left the controller. I think I got to the point where I was tired of the whole thing.

The little things are starting to be unpleasant-you have to hold the Triangle to pull the bar (but not always!), the parts that are forced to walk, the dialogue, some serious weird cutscenes, etc. In addition, things that were clearly intended to hype long-term fans have completely disappeared for me. For example, something like Sephiroth loses its influence once in a while, because I don’t (and still don’t fully) understand why this is important. I appreciate that people like original games and remake games, but for me, I am tired of the nonsense of games. I will start my PS5 and think about what I should play. The Final Fantasy VII remake will surprise me and make me sigh. I can’t hold on, especially knowing that there are many hours to go.

I have accepted that it does not work for me, which is good. I can live with this. I am very happy to try it myself, but I think it may be an attempt between me and Final Fantasy. Interestingly, Liam hasn’t played the original before playing Remake, he absolutely loves it, so if you are in the same boat, don’t let me postpone your show. To be honest, I’m not sure what the moral of this story is. What I want to say is to trust your instincts, but at the same time, if you have the opportunity to try new things, you should do so. Are these messages conflicting? kind of. I want to stop this feature now.

Are you sympathetic to Stephen’s evaluation of “Final Fantasy VII Remake”? Are you also struggling with your favorite game? Sprinkle some Phoenix Down in the comment section below.

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