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Single-player League of Legends “Real RPG” King of Destruction will be launched in early 2021•Eurogamer.net

The RPG character “Lord of Destruction” set by “League of Legends” was announced not long ago and now has a “early 2021” wide release window on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Epic Games Store. For users who have it on PS4 or Xbox One, you can upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series S/X versions for free, respectively, which will be launched “soon thereafter.”

Developed by Airship Syndicate, the studio behind Battle Chasers and the surprise surprise brought by “Darksiders: Genesis”

;, Ruined King is released by the nickname Riot Forge. RiotForge nickname is an internal distribution agency of Riot Games, specifically for the LoL world developed by other non-riot studios.

This is a turn-based RPG (separated from the other RPG-looking game “Project F” that ROP mocked last year), and there is only a single player game, which means there is no co-op or anything like that. There are six playable characters, all the champions from the League of Legends-Miss Fortune, Braum, Ilovai, Yasoff, Ahri and Pique, for those familiar with MOBA-you will add all the way to In your team, and take turns in and out of groups of three. It is set in the LoL world of Runeterra. The two areas are Bilgewater and The Shadow Isles. These are two areas-the pirate ship pirate zone and the ghostly underworld zone. This is a fancy new trailer that can be teased:

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So far, there is not much other relevant information-we hope to learn about gameplay “in the next few months”-but we talked with Leanne Lombe, head of Riot Forge, and Joe Madureira, CEO of Zeppelin Group, we A little more detail.

Madureira said: “This is a narrative focus.” “So the characters are constantly coming in and out of the battle-adventure and story elements are as important as the battle.” Although there is no compromise-condolences to fans who crave BioWare- Madureira did promise that this is a “real RPG” and “has a lot of exploration and interaction with the environment and a large number of NPCs”. Madureira said that there are more League of Legends characters will appear, although he will not repeat them.

He added: “We have a map of the world in the chaser, and we get rid of this.” “So, you don’t walk around on small nodes. In fact, you are exploring the environment, the characters are in the environment, and All NPCs you interact with. Therefore, this is a more immersive experience. For the League of Legends with such a rich and huge world like us, we don’t think players will be satisfied with just walking on the map Go, so all the exploration work is fulfilled.”

Ahri, Braum and Miss Fortune.

Lomb also emphasized that in their view, it is still an “independent” game, not a AAA joint game, which makes sense because Airship Syndicate is still a small team with about 20 full-time employees. Developer, house. Madureira also believes this can help studios deal with the impact of the pandemic, “I think if we have hundreds of people trying to do this, it will be out of control. I think we can still control the scale and Did not affect us like other developers.”

At the same time, Madureira’s personal background is actually comics. He works for companies such as Uncanny X-Men. Therefore, as Loombe puts it, “handmade, customized illustrations” (the trailer so far And what is shown in the artwork) “It must be I think this makes the game stand out” and part of what makes the partnership so attractive. In her words, Riot Forge’s goal is to focus on games that “really push the League of Legends universe narrative forward”, and the studio is eager to “reshape League of Legends in a different way” with Madureira. . The background of the art and airship joint organization is clearly a key part of Riot’s decision to approach the studio.

I am also curious about how many degrees of freedom Airship Group will have. This is a “classic” game that is still managed by Riot as the publisher, and whether it is a chain or chain like Disney, Star Wars, EA, etc. Lomb emphasized how many developers Riot hopes to team up to “creatively own the game”, and Madureira added that developers are still “quite free.” He added: “There is absolute freedom. I have never been told,’No, you can’t do that….. It’s surprisingly smooth. The reason I say surprising is because I am committed to other people’s Intellectual property rights.” With a smile.

What else? Well, the details of things like cross-buying, cross-saving, etc. are still up in the air (“As you know, the new generation of consoles can be solved at the last minute…”), and even though the “game pass” is considered again The question, but “Lumbu said: “We need to figure out what makes sense for players and games.”

It was basically the early days, but there was a lot of anti-riot activities behind it, and the airship joint organization and “Dark Blood: Diablo” showed a knack for good timing, perhaps a person worthy of attention.

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