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Since December, 145 Colorado In-N-Out employees have tested positive for COVID-19

Two new In-N-Out locations in Colorado are facing an outbreak of COVID-19 among employees as the number of positive tests continues to climb this week.

According to a report released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Wednesday, as many as 145 employees from Colorado Springs and Aurora In-N-Out have tested positive for COVID-19 since the first outbreak last December. The Denver Post reports.

Since the outbreak on December 6, the Colorado Springs area has recorded 83 cases of COVID-19; since the outbreak on December 17, Aurora has conducted 62 positive tests (according to Colorado health officials, one An outbreak refers to two or more positive cases related to a certain location or event).

According to the “Communiqué”, the outbreak in the two locations of In-N-Out is said to be the largest among restaurants in the state since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite this, the two restaurants remain open because the epidemic does not need to be closed-however, the local health department can force closure if needed. (It should be noted that In-N-Out can be turned off automatically.)

When requested by the Gazette, the health department responsible for overseeing the two locations did not indicate that they were about to close. A county spokeswoman told the newspaper that there is currently no recommendation to close the local In-N-Out, and the In-N-Out leadership is conducting “regular communication” with the health department.

El Paso County spokesperson Natalie Sosa (Natalie Sosa) said: “According to public health follow-up and investigation, In-N-Out in addition to screening employees, excluding sick employees and cohort managers In addition, it insists on frequent cleaning and disinfection programs.” told the Gazette. “It is recommended that when it is determined that there is a transmission device in the facility, it is recommended to temporarily shut down and carry out appropriate cleaning and disinfection.”

El Paso County said in a statement to the Colorado Springs Business Journal that none of the customers in the Colorado Springs location have been connected to the outbreak. It is not clear whether the same applies to the Aurora outpost.

He told Denny Warnick, vice president of In-N-Out operations, that the two In-N-Out locations in Colorado currently “have less than five confirmed cases” and that the number of cases they see has “significantly improved” Restaurant Trade Publishing Things, “National Restaurant News”. He said employees who had previously tested positive have since recovered and are “currently healthy.”

Wernick said in a way: “We are working closely with our public health agency to review and confirm that the active measures we have taken are appropriate and effective in protecting our community. “This includes restricting colleagues indoors. And the number of customers, use a’queue’ of people and react quickly to find anyone who has close contact with the person tested positive and exclude them from work.

He continued: “We remain committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19.” “The actions we will continue to take in Colorado restaurants are based on our commitment to protecting the health and safety of our customers and employees.”

Two In-N-Out locations in Southern California also experienced COVID-19 outbreaks among their employees. Nation’s restaurant news reported that the Palmdale and Sherman Oaks plants had 7 and 8 employees, respectively, who tested positive for COVID-19.

Since the first announcement in 2017, Colorado is very excited about the arrival of In-N-Out. When the branches opened in Colorado Springs and Aurora on November 20 last year, customers waited up to 12 hours to get a Double-Double.

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