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Since Andre Drummond took office, the role played by Marc Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers has been frustrated

Los Angeles Lakers center Marc Gasol admitted on Friday night that he has been questioning his position on the team since adding Andre Drummond from the buyout market last weekend.

Drummond was appointed as the starter almost immediately upon arrival, Gasol was relegated to the bench, and Montrezl Harrell was already one of the sixth man candidates of the year. , Served as the reserve center.

Gasol spoke after the Lakers defeated the Sacramento Kings 115-94 on Friday. He said he was not sure how often the phone calls with Drummond were.

When asked about the importance of the Lakers coach Frank Vogel (Frank Vogel) repeatedly mentioned the importance of Gasol, Gasol said: “I think this is an̵

7;if’-‘if’ they need you. And this is a big’if’.” “You are not plan A now. You are plan C, D… You have to accept it, because that is your job. This is what you register to do. To Accepting it is no easy task.”

Drummond withdrew from the game against the Kings and recovered from a nail injury on his right big toe. Gasol, 36, was pushed back to the starting lineup and contributed 5 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists. And a steal. His total number of assists is the second highest in the team, second only to eight points from point guard Dennis Schroder, and in the 28th minute of Gasol’s appearance, Los Angeles (LA) Pisa Sacramento led by 20 points.

Vogel then said: “I think people need to understand the level of Marc Gasol and his value to what we are doing.” “And we will play the most important player, so he will help us win this year’s Championship. This is the plan. This is the vision. Obviously, Andre’s arrival gives us depth. But we will need everything we said, from day 1 onwards, Mark is one of our most important players. He dominates the game with 5 points tonight, head, okay? This is what Mark brought.”

Since Los Angeles signed for Drummond, Gasol has refused to talk to reporters three times, and apparently was still frustrated with the team’s decision when he broke the franchise silence on Friday.

When asked whether he wanted to stay with the Lakers or seek his own buyout, Gasol said: “In the NBA, things may change quickly, just as they have changed for me.” “But I am committed to This team. It’s really unbearable because I know I’ll withdraw from the lineup at some point. It’s not easy for players. As a basketball player, you want to play and you want to make a contribution. Especially when you make a promise for this reason. But, we will see.”

Gasol signed a two-year contract with the defending champion Lakers during the offseason to follow in the footsteps of his brother Paul Gasol and help Los Angeles raise another Larry O’Brien trophy. His goal is not only to become a member of the championship team, but also to use his talents and improve his skills, so that the entire team is pursuing the ultimate honor.

Last Friday he entered his career low (4.8 points), rebounds (3.9 points), field goal percentage (40.3%) and playing time (19.5 points), and recently suffered a contraction in COVID-19, which made him miss A nine-game winning streak.

As Vogel suggested, Gasol’s value to the Lakers is more about the team’s overall performance than the number of individuals. In the case of the former Defensive Player of the Year, the team ranked first in the league in defensive efficiency for most of the season. intermediate.

He said: “When you try to do everything for the team, you will ask yourself what you did wrong.” “Obviously, I don’t really care about my stats, shots or rebounds. I try to select my players. , Go to the next game and help everyone. It’s not easy, but this is life. You have to adapt. Like I said, either treat it as a challenge or move on.”

Vogel insisted that Gasol will continue to play a role in Los Angeles, and detailed how Gasol will adapt to the lineup adjustment and how he and his organization will unite.

Vogel said: “This approach is fully supported.” “It’s hard to see that your role will change: how do we support you? And make sure they understand that they are a vital part, just like Marc is This is a crucial part of our championship this year. Apart from that, there is no other way to look at it.”

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