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Should Google return Google Play Edition smartphones?

So I went to a Google Pixel 2 XL and thought it would be the perfect replacement for the iPhone X. Unfortunately, that was not the case, so I decided to switch phones and get started with the Samsung Galaxy S9 +. I may not get software updates as often as I would like, but to be honest, some of the features I'm waiting for in a future version of Android are already installed on the Galaxy S9 +, so I'm fine. [196592002] But what if we had the best of both worlds, right?

Actually, we used to be that way. I almost forgot about it until a friend talked about it after finding out that I had the Galaxy S9 suspended. His first question to me was, "How do you handle not having the latest version of Android on your phone?" I honestly had no answer for him. It took me a few minutes to come to terms with the fact that I chose hardware for software.

And give up the better camera. But hey, we're at the point where all these cameras are awesome.

But then we talked about Google Play editions. The phones that were not made by Google, or even Nexus devices at the time, were camp experiences anyway. We saw the Galaxy S4 with a Google Play edition and some other HTC mobile phones, including the One M8 in 201

4. The list is by no means extensive and we should have had more. But it was definitely better than nothing (in most cases).

The HTC One and One M8 were my favorites. I was just not a fan of the Galaxy S4 at the time, not even with the stick experience. But more than the phones I loved the idea and now that I'm using this Galaxy S9, I would very much like Google to make it happen again.

Could you really imagine the Galaxy S9 with the Android experience out of the box, and with timely security and other software updates coming in the lead? Or the LG G7 ThinQ or rumored V35 ThinQ? I know that these companies' proprietary software has improved over the years, but I still think a Google Play edition could prevail.

I can say without hesitation that I would have picked up the Galaxy S9 + at startup had a Google Play edition variant.

What about you? Would you bring a new smartphone if it's a Google Play edition? Or do you prefer the storage experience of your device manufacturer with the custom UI? Let me know!

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