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She looks hotter than ever – Hollywood Life

Another day, another super sexy Jennifer Lopez look! The 48-year-old looked amazing when she appeared in a revealing red dress on May 9th in The Tonight Show. Have a look at the ensemble here!

Jennifer Lopez looks better at 48, and she was back when she promoted her new music and World of Dance in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on May 9 showed. The mother of two put on her curves in a skin-tight red dress that was studded with pearls at the front and dove deep down to reveal much of the skin. In the meantime, the ensemble also wore an asymmetric hem that loomed high on one side, making J. Leo's well-trained legs visible. HOW does she do that ?!

After her interview with Jimmy, J. Lo played a game called "Fast Dance-Off" with the host, in which they were promptly to dance to slow 70s songs , Jennifer shook her hips and showed her amazing movements during the competition, and Jimmy called her the clear winner! Along with her hot body, Jen's new, smooth, sleek hairstyle was also the lead actress. She showed the Met Gala for the first time on May 7 and received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Jennifer ran the second year in a row with her boyfriend on the red carpet, Alex Rodriguez . The couple made its official debut at the event in 201

7 and has been strong ever since. There has recently been talk of an upcoming engagement, especially since J. Lo has recently released a song titled "The Ring" in which she asks, "Where's the ring?"

 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer confirmed that she waits patiently for a friend's suggestion of more than a year, but insists that there is "no pressure". A-Rod has not been scared yet, so we would not be surprised if this engagement comes sooner than later!

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