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Services are transferred online, people stay at home

Rome (Associated Press)-The sumptuous and long-lasting after-dinner reunion of families usually celebrated on Fridays during Christmas, services moved online, and gift exchanges are low-key in one of the most unusual and bland holidays in decades .

Almost none of the coronaviruses is unaffected.

Patricia Hager, 60, provided homemade caramel rolls for breakfast to his family and friends in Bismarck, North Dakota. The state was not hit until the latter part of the pandemic. Hit hard. During this holiday, every time she opened the door, there seemed to be someone with smoked salmon, a basket of nuts or biscuits.

She said: “The love for Christmas this year is expressed at the door.”

; “I am very happy that people may use the vaccine with us next year. I can give up anything for this.”

Song Ju-hyeon of Paju City, South Korea, near Seoul, will have a baby in February. She said the only sense of security is home. Last Friday, the government reported 1,241 new cases, a new daily record for the country.

She said: “In any case, it’s not like Christmas, there are no carols on the street.”

The Daily Nation newspaper announced in Kenya: “This is Christmask.” The surge in cases caused doctors to end a brief strike on Christmas Eve. As a curfew prevented an all-night vigil, the celebrations at the East Africa hub were cancelled.

Pope Francis sent his Christmas greetings from inside the Vatican, breaking his traditional speech, from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica to the tens of thousands in St. Peter’s Square. Italy’s tourism industry has almost disappeared, and the government’s coronavirus restrictions on holidays have also frustrated any plans for locals to flock to the square.

Francis pointed out the reasons for optimism, saying that the development of the COVID-19 vaccine shines with “light of hope” in the world. In an enthusiastic appeal to leaders, businesses and international organizations, he said that they must ensure that the most vulnerable and most in need of help in the pandemic are vaccinated first.

Bells rang around Bethlehem to celebrate the traditional birthplace of Jesus. However, the closure of Israel’s international airports open to foreign tourists and the Palestinians’ restrictions on inter-city travel in the Israeli-occupied West Bank areas they occupy have prevented tourists from entering.

In Beijing, the official church was on high alert in the Chinese capital after two confirmed COVID-19 cases occurred last week, and mass was suddenly cancelled. Two new asymptomatic cases were reported on Friday.

With the booming economy around the world, this is not a luxury gift of the year. Robin Sypniewski of Middlesex County, New Jersey took two vacations due to school lunch work, as her husband retires as a garbage collector next week and her daughter owes student debt While struggling, working hours are now reduced.

58-year-old Sypniewski bought her daughter’s pajamas and bought a diamond bracelet last Christmas. Compared with last year’s tablet, her husband received a $20 plaque to describe his Polish tradition.

“Bills must be paid this month and next month. With the reduction of working hours, it is difficult.” She said.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, the 56-year-old taxi driver Dennys Abreu spent the night traveling across the vast city to pay a monthly car payment of $300, which he bought after losing his construction job. An estimated 14 million Brazilians are unemployed.

He said: “All I can do is to do my best to get through and hope this nasty virus will disappear next year.”

At the same time, the church’s services were transferred to the Internet. The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles celebrates five masses at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, with a maximum attendance of 130 people, compared with 3,000 before the pandemic. All live broadcasts.

The Church of the Cross in Chapel Hill, North Carolina has five services, but the maximum number of people attending in person is 25, compared to 2,000 before the pandemic. The Christmas Eve beauty pageant that is usually performed in person was recorded and displayed online.

The head of the church, Pastor Elizabeth Marie Melchiona, said: “I must remember that Christians have celebrated Christmas for hundreds of years in various situations. Some appearances are different, but the essence remains the same. It is the basic desire and celebration of love born at Christmas.”

In Paris, members of the choir of Notre Dame Cathedral sang in the church for the first time since the 2019 fire, wearing hard hats and protective clothing to guard against construction conditions.

In more than 1.7 million households worldwide, the virus caused their deaths and approximately 80 million people were infected.

Margarita Reyes, 60, one of four people in her family, is contracting the virus in Calexico, California, near the Mexican border. Her 69-year-old husband died within three weeks, and her 35-year-old daughter had been using oxygen equipment for five months.They are too sad to celebrate in any way.

Suzanne Rose, from Raleigh, North Carolina, delivered homemade pasta to the door of her quarantined daughter who was a restaurant manager who was exposed to the virus at work. Her son, a firefighter, was also exposed.

She said that there are no children during Christmas and “air is coming out of the balloon.” Video chat is not a substitute for watching a movie in the same room as their husband.

Border closures and bottlenecks have frustrated some plans. Thousands of drivers are trapped on trucks in the Port of Dover in the United Kingdom. They lack the coronavirus tests required by France due to growing concerns about new, more contagious variants of the virus. The British army and French firefighters were sent to help speed up the test and distributed free food.

As Colombia closes its borders to prevent the spread of the virus, Venezuelan immigrants cannot return home during the holidays. Yakelin Tamaure is a nurse. Her nurse left Venezuela, which was hit hard by the economy two years ago. She wanted to visit her mother who was nursing a broken foot.

She said: “I tried to send her money, but it’s not the same as there.”

But many people strode forward. The pre-pandemic Christmas for 53-year-old Kristin Schrader in Ann Arbor, Michigan meant cooking with an appetizer feast for her brothers who came from Denver (Denver). ) When visiting, her parents live in the town, and so do the visiting friends. This year, she chose to have a social gathering with her husband and 13-year-old daughter to watch a man dressed in a Santa Claus canoe and his dog walk along the cold Huron River. Low-key hot pot dinners are also on the agenda.

She said: “When all of us have been staring at each other for months and months, all of you are sitting in the same house, which inspires a lot of excitement for the three of us. It’s really hard.”

Seventy residents of St. Peters, a nursing home in El Astillero, a small town in northern Spain, had a video chat or a 30-minute visit with their families, separated by a plexiglass wall.

“This terrible thing has come to us, so we have to accept it and treat it patiently,” said Mercedes Aregula, who met his mother.

Only one relative is allowed in the nursing home. The granddaughter blows and kisses herself.


Spagat reports from San Diego.


Associated Press reporters contributed to this report worldwide.


This story has been corrected to show that Suzanne Rose is from Raleigh, North Carolina, and not Winston Salem.


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