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Servers are struggling, Outriders canceled important functions

Server Outlander Since the game was released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass this week, the game has been dropping regularly. At present, there is no news that the game will be improved in this regard, but there is news that a larger feature of the game has been deleted. If you want to know why you can’t use cross-play, it’s because “People Can Fly” and “Square Enix” had to partially remove this option from the game due to seemingly unforeseen issues.

When publishing, all functions can use cross play. Host players can play with host players, and Steam players can play with Epic Games Store players, nothing more.In other words, it is not possible to complete the cross-play of connecting the console player to the PC player, and vice versa

According to “People Can Fly”

;, the root cause of the problem is an out-of-sync problem, which leads to a mismatch in the backend, which in turn leads to players being kicked out of the session. The reason for this problem is that People Can Fly did not disclose it, but it pointed out that it handled the problem “with the highest priority” and is developing a patch to correct the oversight. In other words, the deletion has nothing to do with ongoing server issues and should be resolved in the next few updates.

“We discovered a lack of synchronization between the PC and console code,” “People Can Fly” wrote. “This will cause a mismatch in the backend and cause players to be kicked out of multiplayer games, including console and PC players. We are dealing with this issue with the highest priority, and we are developing a patch that synchronizes all platform codes to solve these issues. .”

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