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Senator Josh Hawley became the number one public enemy on Capitol Hill

Washington — One of his most important early supporters now says that supporting him “is the worst mistake I have ever made in my life.” A top donor called on the Senate to condemn him.

Since the Missouri Republican Party became the first senator to announce that he would oppose the electoral college senator, Senator Josh Hawley has issued some condemnations, even in pro-President Donald Trump ( Donald Trump) After the mob had taken action, he continued to carry out his plan and stormed the Capitol on Wednesday.

The largest newspaper in his hometown called on him to resign. His publisher cancelled the book contract with him. He has been ridiculed by Democrats and Republicans because of his leadership̵

7;s futile opposition efforts.

The viral photo of Hawley entering the Capitol before the riots shows the senator wearing a slim suit, combing his hair perfectly, and raising his fist to the crowd. It has become a lasting image that will not disappear throughout the day . forgotten.

A Republican strategist told NBC News when he accepted the famous attacking advertisement for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination: “It’s like a Dukakis moment on a tank.” He looked like a fool and looked out of place. . “

Holly, 41 years old, is the youngest incumbent senator and is thought to be the Republican presidential candidate in 2024. Since he was elected to the Senate in 2018, he has carved out his own critical space as the leading Republican of the tech giant-this has generated a large number of his followers in the media and covering strategic areas. Now, his objections conceal this.

After the riots, Holly condemned the violence in the Capitol and stated that he was only opposed to voters expressing their voices to his voters in Missouri, which entered Trump with a 15-point advantage in 2020.

A senior Republican aide told NBC News: “I shouldn’t blame him for what happened… is the right object of accusation.” “I think Trump is the person at the previous rally. Everyone is fired. Trump is the one who has done all this for weeks since the election. He has been firing everyone, and I think the reason Senator Holly did this was the pressure of the voters.”

However, Holley’s opponent, Senator Roy Blunt (Roy Blunt) is not one of the few opposition Republicans. No one else in the state where Trump won in November, such as Senator Tom Cotton (R. Ark.) who condemned the effort. Congress finally counts the voters of President-elect Biden, who will set the stage for his inauguration later this month.

“I mean, does he have to do this?” the assistant asked Holly. “This is to be debated.”

On September 13, 1988, Michael Dukakis rode in the M1-A-1 tank while visiting General Dynamics in Sterling Heights, Michigan.Michael E. Samoyed/Associated Press

Before any violence in the Capitol, Holly had been criticized by her colleagues, whether it was a supporter of Senator Jeanne Shaheen (DN.H.), who told MSNBC last week that she believed her efforts were “inciting a rebellion. Or the crime of treason,” or Utah State Senator Mitt Romney (Mitt Romney) said that these oppositions are merely moves to “enhance the political ambitions of certain people” and imply the president’s wishes in 2024.

After the riots, Holly said in a speech in the Senate that violence was “intolerable,” but that investigations into allegations of voter fraud were necessary.

There is no evidence that widespread voter fraud will affect elections in any swing state that Trump has lost, and the belief in such fraud has taken root among Republican voters, and the president and others promoted it.

Holly particularly opposed voters in Pennsylvania because he believed that a law that expanded mail voting in 2019 violated the state constitution. However, as U.S. Senator Bob Casey and U.S. Senator Rat Paomey said when defending the state election, this constitutional objection to the law is controlled by the Republican Party. The legislature passed it only after Trump lost.

Tommy said: “We have witnessed today the damage that can be caused when those in power and those in charge refuse to admit the truth.” “We saw the bloodshed because the instigator chose to spread false information and did not trust his own fellow Americans. We Don’t encourage this deception. Let us reject this motion.”

Democratic Congressman Conor Lamb said on Twitter: “Hawley is talking about Pennsylvania because he hopes to come here to run for president one day.” “The lies he told inspired today’s violence. He is talking about Pennsylvania. Still telling those lies. Pennsylvania will never forget.”

Rick Tyler, former communications director for Senator Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign (Texas senator raised his own objections to the election results), said that the Holly Way has been criticized “Well deserved.”

Taylor said: “Members of Congress have the right to challenge voters, but they must carefully weigh these facts with sufficient evidence of misconduct.” “In the case of Senator Holly, there is no such evidence that the voters are illegal. This It’s not good enough to say that you’re on behalf of voters who believe when this assertion is based on lies and conspiracy to completely falsify election fraud, election officials, vote counting, court cases and lack of reliable evidence.”

He added: “Senator. Holly’s job is to represent the facts.” “On the contrary, he chose to instigate the uprising with the president and others, namely Senator Cruz.”

Amidst Holly’s opposition, his comments in the presidential impeachment case last year began to surface. Hawley said at the time that impeachment was tantamount to “overthrowing democratic elections because you don’t like the results of the elections, because you think the elections were ruined to some extent, but in fact, it turns out that this is not the case.” Crazy.

Holly’s promotion in Republican politics was rapid. He was elected to the Senate in less than two years until his first Missouri Attorney General, the first elected public office he held. At that time, he did not attract attention, although he did get attention because he blamed human trafficking on the sexual revolution in the late 1960s.

The senator has a certificate of establishment, received degrees from Stanford University and Yale University Law School, and served as the secretary of the Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts (John Roberts), where he met his future wife Irene Morrow (Erin Morrow), she herself is Roberts’ clerk.

Since he formally raised the objection, anger against him has surged, although it remains to be seen how this will affect his position among Republican voters.

“Supporting Josh and trying hard to get him elected as a senator is the worst mistake I have ever made in my life,” former senator John Danforth, R-Mo, and mentor senator told the St. Louis Post -Shipped on Thursday. “It is very dangerous for the United States to continue to promote the idea that the government can do nothing and the vote is fraudulent.”

Soon after this, Simon Schuster, who was scheduled to publish his forthcoming “The Tyranny of Big Technology,” announced that he would cancel his contract with Holly, pointing out a “fatal riot”.

In addition, more and more Congressional Democrats are calling for him to resign immediately, and Biden said that Holly and Cruz will “lie” forever.

Holly responded to critics, attacking what he considered to be a “mob” of booksellers, and said that Biden’s remarks were “excessive, immature, and unenlightened.”

His office did not return NBC News’ request for comment on the blow to his efforts. But Holly said in a statement to the Missouri television station KSDK, “He will not apologize for expressing his opinion to the millions of Missourians and Americans who are concerned about the integrity of our election.”

Zack Roday is a former senior aide to the Republican Party in the House of Representatives and a spokesperson for the campaign of former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Roddy said: “Acknowledging that he chose the wrong route, or at best the wrong route, to express his concerns about the election is a sign of character, confidence and ultimate strength.”

Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak told NBC News that he believes that “referring to procedural opposition as a senator is “inciting.”

He added: “But after the incident, he should have ended his opposition to voters.” “He may not lose his role in the Senate for at least some time now. This is shameful because he is impressive and brave. . But who knows the current situation?”

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