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Selena Gomez & # 39; Back To You "Lyrics About Justin Bieber seem more than a little obvious

Selena Gomez has just released her first song after her last breakaway from on-off, her boyfriend Justin Bieber, and fans can not wonder if Gomez's "Back To You" love is actually about Bieber and their seemingly unresolved romance. The tune that debuted on May 10 seems to give direct references to their relationship, which are almost undeniable.

Gomez's new song speaks of a relationship that she knows is not the best situation for her. In the first stanza she sings:

"Was like a shot

Thought I could chase you with the cold evening

Let a couple of years pass by how I feel about you (Feeling about you )

And every time we talk

Every single word builds up to that moment

And I have to convince myself that I do not want it, even though I ( Even though I directly assume that she and Bieber had a hard time keeping their romance in tact, Gomez's text from verse two also seems to indicate that the whole world is aware of the immortal feelings for each other The song goes on:

"We never did it right

Playing and repeating old conversations

Rethinking every word and I hate it

Because it's not me (Because it's not I am)

And what is the reason for hiding?

And everyone knows we have unfinished business

And I regret it if I do not say that's not what it could be (is not what it could be) "

Gomez and Bieber reportedly decided to take a break in March of this year, as an insider claimed, E! News: "You've had a lot of little disagreement lately and, above all, a fight has blown up and got you there brought to dissolve, but they were in contact all the time and their feelings for each other have not changed.

During this time, the split was presented as a temporary separation. A recent report from E! has hinted that Gomez of Bieber is "completely moved on" and "is not interested in getting back to him soon."

Despite Gomez's current position with Bieber, the chorus of "Back To You" seems to indicate that the door will always be open in relation to their relationship. She sings,

"You could break my heart in two parts

But if it heals, it beats for you

I know its forward, but it's true

I want to hold you when I get it should not

If I'm lying near someone else

You're stuck in my head and I can not get you out

If I could do it all again

I know I'd do it back to dir "

During an earlier split between her and Bieber, Gomez began a very public romance with vocalist The Weeknd in January 201

7. The couple seemed to be close and it was reported that the "Starboy" Crooner played an important role in the recovery of Gomez after a kidney transplant due to complications with lupus. After 10 months of dating, it was revealed that the duo split in October 2017 when Gomez fell for Bieber. Despite her seemingly happy romance with the Weeknd, Gomez's latest lyrics seem to indicate that she had Bieber in mind during that time as well.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images Entertainment

-reledled romance by Jelena, an insider on the pair told Us Weekly: "Selena and Justin are back together." Selena and The Weeknd just fizzled out and ended amicably – it was not dramatic and it was not about Justin but Selena always had feelings for Justin – her friends want her to be careful because she is so good after the surgery. "

Although Gomez's recent reunion With Bieber short, it's obvious there's some kind of energy. For more than seven years they've been connecting them, and what the singer is doing now, as her relationship with Bieber is officially over forever, was recently published by Us Weekly explains. 19659003] "Starting Selena You saw the bigger picture when it came to their relationship, like what was more important: their general happiness and the approval of their family and friends or being with Justin where no one really supported their relationship

While it's still not clear Whether or not Gomez's new song is actually by Bieber, it's safe to say the Where Are U Now singer was probably the main inspiration.

More to follow …

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