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SEC Forecast (and Forecast) for Week 6

We expect another round of forecasts in the sixth week of the SEC season.

SDS News Channel Editor Michael Bratton (@MichaelWBratton) and SDS Podcast co-host Chris Marler (@VerneFUNquist) are back again to share their (sometimes bad) predictions, they chose the SEC game and made a choice in response to this situation.

Chris is 12-17-1 this season and Michael is 10-20 this season.

This is how the guys predicted the game in Week 6:

Georgia (-15.5) in Kentucky

Michael: In addition to six catches in the Tennessee game, Kentucky has indeed struggled this season, and its offensive performance is the worst in several years. Georgia’s defense lost its defense after losing to Alabama. This Brought a nightmare for the Wildcats. Pray to Joey Gatewood, this seems to be his first starting point in Kentucky. After many Dawg Nation members summon him every day, please look for Stetson Bennett for a big game. He is not a problem with Athens, he will show on Saturday.

Georgia 27 Kentucky 1


Chris: Excuse me for my language, but in fact, is the Kentucky offense more dynamic when it participated in WR at QB a year ago than it is now in 2020? Despite the fact that Kentucky has led 7-2 ATS in the past nine games, UGA is the 2 TD favorite among the Cats. Three things I don’t trust in this world: my fiance is good when she says she is “good”, some people say they like yellow starbursts, and Kirby Smart uses his quarterback to make the right decision.

It is hoped that Kirby will find the right choice before Saturday. Or, he is at least dressed up like the person who owns this Halloween.

Georgia 28 Kentucky 3

Auburn’s LSU (-3)

Michael: This game can really be played because there is no way to know which LSU team will appear on Saturday. Half of the time, Ed Orgeron’s team looked like a competitor to the SEC, while the rest of the time looked like the worst team in the West. Except for the competitors, you can almost say the same to Bo Nix. Did Auburn know anything about Ole Miss last week, or was the rebel defense so bad? My score prediction should help you understand which way I prefer. With all the excellent offensive performances in this game (Tank Bigsby, Seth Williams, Terrace Marshall, Arik Gilbert), we should entertain one at The Plains.

LSU 38 Auburn 31

Chris: They call this the “Tiger Bowl”, but this is only because “which coordinator with poor performance should be fired”. A week ago, I said that Tank Bigsby will save Chad Morris’ job until SEC officials continue to do it for him, and I think this is correct.

TJ Finley played well at LSU last week, but how does this look when facing Kevin Steele defense? My guess: at least different. Vegas won Auburn’s favor at Auburn-2 on Sunday and placed a bet. hard. So many people bet on LSU, so the line swings 5 ​​points to LSU -3. Wow.

I don’t care what the line is. I didn’t adopt Auburn until SEC officials could prove to everyone that they would not allow Auburn to win in an absolutely absurd blind miracle. Again, this is a fun drinking game: every time Auburn fans present a fact that they only contributed 20 points to LSU last year; and/or every time fans of other teams present a fact that should be 1 point. -4. You will lose power due to teeing off.

Auburn 30.5 (don’t worry that officials will allow this) LSU 30

Miss Ole of Vanderbilt (-16.5)

Michael: I’m sure that if I’m wrong, this draft pick will be ridiculed endlessly, but there should be some factors that play Vanderbilt’s advantage in this game. In recent weeks, Ole Miss (Ole Miss) has shot at an amazing speed and now has to face a difficult game that should have been a victory. Some teams have overcome these difficulties more than most, but considering the age of the rebels and the fact that even Kafin is still talking about the end of the Auburn game until Wednesday, it is very likely that last week will linger on this week for the Communist Youth League. ready. Vanderbilt also has an advantage, that is, he can participate in the season training camp, which may help to conduct field trips on Saturday. After weeks of rest and self-work, Vanderbilt was released and shocked the world in Nashville on Saturday.

Vanderbilt 24 Miss 23

Chris: Did you know that it is more scary than the Michael Myers movie or the top costumes you saw in the dead end this weekend? Lane Kiffin used one point to prove. Imagine how angry he would be after he paid $25,000 out of his pocket for the correct choice of the Auburn game last weekend. In my opinion, Ryan has two things worthy of proof this season: the first game as the head coach of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) opener vs. Florida, and against his former boss Nick Saban (NIck Saban).

I am not saying that he did not try other games at all. But what I want to say is that Lane Kiffin is a big enough hole, and his attacking ability is smart enough (if he wants), if you stand on the opposite edge, then 60 minutes Football matches are absolutely painful. He hopes to let Vandy stick to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and referees this Saturday.

Miss Ole 51 Vanderbilt 17

Mississippi, Alabama (-30.5)

Michael: Currently in Starkville, the situation is very bad, and it may get worse before it gets better, but considering Mike Leach’s “Air Raid” offense gained a few weeks ago Hype, this spread is incredible. Even if the Bulldogs may become a real freshman in this game, giving Will Rogers a four-quarter chance seems to be the best choice at this time. KJ Costello’s game style currently causes more harm than good. At this point, what else is there to say about Alabama? At the moment, my biggest question about Tide is the team’s pass defense, which is far from the unit Nick Saban wants. Will Alabama throw eight guards into the zone like its nearest Mississippi opponent? This is not how the Crimson Tide works, but it is wise not to mess up operations against air strikes. For some reason, I have been betting on Alabama to cover the spread and losses, so why change now? Alabama rolls, but they did not cover the spread this weekend.

Alabama 45 Mississippi 17

Chris: Well, we have reached the middle of the season, so how bad is Starkville? Milli Vanilli, Macarena and Hell, and even the weird emo-style Garth Brooks (Chris Gaines?) are all rarer than the SEC’s air raid crime. But the spread is more than 30 points? Of course, can Mike Leach spend a week completely solving the problem?

error. The exodus of a lot of players, including the loss of Kylin Hill, the best player, was not very good. The fact that Mike Leach was only 5-10 at Wazzu by the week of goodbye is not true.

Alabama 44 Mississippi 10

Texas A&M’s Arkansas (-12)

Michael: Although this game is very different, the matchup at the college station may be the most interesting game on the SEC weekend. This game will likely depend on how well Arkansas’ defense matches Texas A&M’s impressive running attack, which features one of the league’s most advanced offensive lines, with a two-headed monster at the back. Regarding the impressive performance of Razorbacks so far this season, one thing has been overlooked, and that is the fact that Rakeem Boyd’s reverse run has not yet begun this season. That stopped Arkansas’ offense, but the former Aggie has been resting for a few weeks. If he has performed his best so far on Saturday, Arkansas will win the game. Don’t let their current rankings confuse you, these teams are closer than most people think, and both of them should be in the top 15.

Arkansas 27 Texas A&M 24

Chris: At the beginning of the year, I said that Arkansas is much better than people think. I said they would win at least 3-4 games, and almost everyone laughed at them.

This is the honor I am waiting for everyone to give me in the comments section, because this is almost the only thing I have done right this year. All the jokes aside, this Arkansas team is very interesting this year. They always seem to be close to A&M.

However, I jumped out of the Pittman band this week because I have to consider the following factors: 4 video tapes, national media yelling for homeless pigs, preparing for A&M’s one-week vacation will not ignore Arkansas. The biggest reason I chose the Aggies is that they (especially Kellen Mond) perform much better at home and on the road. I like A&M and A&M big.

Texas A&M 34 Arkansas 13

Missouri, Florida (-13)

Michael: This may be the most unpredictable game of the weekend, because we don’t even know which crocodile will play this weekend. Normally, I would go along with Kyle Trask, Kyle Pitts and other members of the group in the defense of Missouri, but the Tigers are in full swing, and The Alligators have been suspended for two weeks. How will this affect the game? Will it affect the game? It’s hard to say, but this season Florida’s defensive style and Mizzou’s ability to adjust offensive plans to adapt to opponents, I will cover up with Tigers. If Florida must beat them with a depleted roster, I wouldn’t be surprised if they can win the game completely.

Florida 33 Missouri 24

Chris: This is 2020. I really hope that one day, as SEC fans, our online spam topics will be better, and we will not joke about incest in front of Bama fans, joking in front of fans in Florida, and will not fall into smart humor. . I also hope this means we stop joking about Mizzou belonging to the SEC, because of the interesting fact…MIZZOU has a 4-4 Florida record since joining the league.

I don’t want to hear another thing about Florida fans online until they score at least .500 against Mizzou.

As far as this game is concerned, I am winning in Florida because I think, and Mullen’s best to pray, Todd Grantham got his (blank) during this long week of goodbye ). That being said, Mizzou is a 3-1 amphetamine-type stimulant, and he is creative enough on offense, so it is a long day for a long UF defense. Take Florida as an example, but not much.

Florida 37 Missouri 27

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