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Season 10, episode 22, “Here’s Negan”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has been his life for almost five full years Appeared on Negan for the first time The walking dead. Although the early episodes with Negan and the Savior received all the criticism, Morgan’s characterization is always convincing. Even though he often had annoying “pants off” conversations with him, the actor managed to take down the villain and fill him with charm, charisma and threats in the same way. It was too easy to understand why he was him. The kind of person that others will follow without a doubt. He is not friendly, but he makes sense. The addition of camp elements in Morgan’s performance is an important part of the character, which is a clever way of describing the following facts: all In a sense, Negan’s performance at the time was a performance. He knew he was performing, and what attracted the audience was that they were never sure who was Negan’s slippery bluff.

Now, half a decade later, we have finally broken down the backstory into one of the few characters that continue to be The walking dead It’s fun in the final season. “Here’s Negan” is the last part of the 10 episodes of these bonus seasons, which makes a lot of sense, not only because it is the best episode, but also because it effectively booked the first episode centered on Maggie, making their History is full of circles.Poor quality coal Go back to her old life, because it may be the only place left that feels like home to her. When she arrived, the man who murdered her husband stood there, free. Negan returned to Alexandria at the end of the hour, not because it was the only place like home, but because it didn’t feel like home. After Lucille’s death, the concept of “home” ended. When I read the last time he gave Carol and Maggie, this place represented destiny for him. If Maggie murdered him in the middle of the night, then he would be fine. He deserves it. However, he spent the rest of his time in this community and made the idea of ​​modification-Carl insisted on a “better way” that could exist here. Negan likes this idea. Even if this caused him to be killed.

But before that, we got a brief history of Negan.This is the same as This is Negan A miniature comic series produced by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn. With the exception of Lucille’s cancer, almost everything else has been modified from Negan’s relationship with Lucille’s sister to the storyline of the nesting doll.I still don’t want to throw all these dates to the viewer quickly (1 year earlier, 6 weeks earlier, 7 months earlier, etc.), but it works better than Daryl’s flashback plot, This is mainly due to the way everyone has established before: starting today, we have been tied to Negan, we were interrogated by a pair of cyclists, and told them the story of his finding a doctor and his daughter and obtaining drugs Continue his wife’s chemotherapy. From there, we jumped to his encounter with the said doctor, where he tells the story of Lucille’s treatment. Six months ago, the husband and wife were fighting against cancer. Survived in an abandoned town.However, once the power went out and their remaining supply of medicine was destroyed, he was ready to ask for help-that was when she sat Negan down and we got other From Lucille’s point of view, this is a story in a story. He learned about Negan’s extramarital affairs while diagnosing her. From there, back up through each level of the narrative, and back up the story in the story until we reappear today.

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Although the pace is dizzying and chaotic, it performs very well, thanks in large part to the performance of Morgan and his reality partner Burton.OneInstructors playing with their actual important people may be a real encounter between success and failure, but this is the trump card, with a moving, fixed relationship, in which simple chemical methods are very useful for selling some more incredible things. A long way to go (Like Lucille’s Suddenly choose to shelve a fact Her husband and her sister are sleeping).The moments of frivolity are as strong as the moments of pain, and I think Lucille turned into a bedridden zombie. After Negan bit his teeth, the needle drop of “You Are So Beautiful” was a little absurd. Death left him nowhere to be restrained, capable…well, almost anything, as he admitted, the biker tied him up earlier.This is the first time in his life that he killed some people, you will see the faint Negan eyes in his eyes Realizing that there are no consequences, no secular structure can be judged. There was only a sympathetic voice in his heart, and he thought it was Lucille who was dead.

But when the bat digs it up and its bat splits in half, he not only realizes that it is foolish to invest the spirit of his dead wife in inanimate objects, but also realizes the falsity of facts. Think of his aforementioned Sympathy died with her. The reason why he wanted to look for bats was not because he was in peace with things, but because people admitted that their grief was always with him. “Without her, you are nothing.” His view of the old cruel Negan told him that it was true-but it didn’t have to be what the old Negan thought.The bat is thrown into the fire, it is symbolic Reach an agreement with the fact of cheating The married Negan, the sadistic savior Negan and the regrettable current Negan are not the same person. These are all platforms, and in the last few months, all of these have gradually forgotten the memories of his time with Lucille. He is getting older and he is worried that he is used to killing walkers, but the current Negan has realized a difficult fact: you can get used to anything.

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Except for losing the person who made you rooted in this world, anything is that thing. “Here’s Negan” is ultimately a story of loss and regret, how these emotions make us spin in a violent or humane way, only to reverse our powerless side tragedy. Rick, Carl, and the best people in our team always turn those feelings of loss into a determination to prevent this loss of others-found in making yourself a bastion of the pain of those around you significance. Negan accepted the smile at Maggie in distress. He found a similar meaning, but he didn’t feel any self-protection. “The bad news is that I also have something to fall from my chest this time,” he said to the biker, before he dashed. But now, he got everything off his chest. There is nothing to keep. It’s just fate.

powerOney observation

  • That leather jacket cost 600 dollars?Jesus, if I were Lucille, I would be angry with that bill Even my husband is still a physical education teacher.
  • Lucille is a fan of James Bond movies.
  • I salute my actions It was introduced that Negan eventually became the adjutant of the doctor’s daughter, thus establishing some connections between his new life and the rise of the savior.
  • There are some monologues in this plot, but for my money, the best thing is that Negan tells the biker to fight with the guy who won’t let Lucille listen to her songs on the jukebox.
  • Carol: “I don’t want to die because of my conscience. Not now.”
  • Another good feeling: to show a glimpse of Negan, the evil black man in the future, just to guide them to play video games online.
  • Thank you all for watching and discussing these 10 episodes of the bonus season with me. I will see you back here later this year as the beginning of the ending.

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