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Season 1, Episode 3, “The Power Broker”

Anthony Mackie and Emily VanCamp in

Anthony Mackie and Emily VanCamp, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”
photo: Chuck Zlotnik/Marvel Pictures

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Good storytelling involves the use of metaphors, and one metaphor I have always appreciated in action movies is that you always know when the plan will take effect. When you see the character discussing the plan in advance, the plan will fail, but when you are thrown on the scene, the plan will pass.

The most exciting part of “Power Broker”, ” Falcon and winter soldier, Is when the delicious skewers are skewered. Before Zemo walked out the door, Bucky described to Sam the “hypothesis” of how they rescued Zemo from his highest security prison. Too bad, the prison breakout is one of the most boring places I have ever seen,Avatar: The Last AirbenderThe “Boulder” episode is more interesting. However, I think this has nothing to do with this episode.

what Yes What is this plot probably? On the surface, the “power agent” seems to be collecting intelligence on Super Soldier Serum and Flag-Smashers, and even expanding the scope of Sam and Bucky’s colleagues. But it seems that you are most interested in adapting action movies into movies, did you know? It fails. Throughout the plot, I just think about the times when I saw better versions of these scenes.

The scene in the club reminded me of a better place At the casino scene Panther.Oops, even those scenes Tenet The protagonist pretends to be someone else and can better deal with the balance between irony and suspense. Maybe this is a strange direction, it is difficult to tell people where in the scene at any time. Or maybe the editing-the way the serpentine cocktail scene is cut makes me feel as if they are trying to attract the audience’s laughter, but the jokes are plain to me. Maybe it’s because I like snakes, or because the snake intestine cocktails don’t even look cool, just fluffy?Now if they are using venom, Which will become the core in an interesting way. The fact that may actually ruin the entire business is that we know very little about the role Sam should play, and there is no sense of humor, and even Zemo is so closely connected with Madripoor. After he was released from prison, he was very rich because he was a member of the royal family of Sokovia.

Zemo always seems to use him as a password to give favors to others Captain America: Civil War, But other than that, his character is a bit rigid and boring to me. (Zemo? It’s more like ZERO, right?) It’s not necessarily Daniel Brühl’s fault, but I must say that my impression of him in the MCU has always been Despicable bastard. His act of acting as a Nazi hero is a bit excessive, I think it has something to do with his acting skills. But I think I should also praise Quentin Tarantino for his way of directing Brewer in these scenes, because I feel that his role in this episode is much less rewarded.

Zemo’s most interesting scene was also at the beginning, because how he alternated with Sam and Bucky to be consistent. As someone who is obsessed with using his own shortcomings against the Avengers, you will see a small part of it ejected in this plot. Bucky looked at him in horror, but seemed fascinated by Zemo’s control over him. (Wow, he is indeed the MCU character who needs the most treatment.) At the same time, when Bucky and Sam are arguing about how Bucky has been holding Steve’s notebook, Zemo won Sam’s support because he said that the “troublesome” soundtrack was adequate. Illustrates the experience of African Americans. Sam was shocked and said, “He is out of date, but he is right.” I again agree with Sam and his thought process.how is it dare Bucky said he “only likes music from the 1940s.” Let go of yourself, buddy! I guess he is totally different from Steve, he can date (and the dating app is obviously set to “Man and woman“), but can’t he enjoy modern music? Come on, man. Also, I’m sure we all agree (please say hello in the comments). When sharing some media you like with someone, you need to provide more than just It’s “I like it.” My friend, Sam is with us.

But, well, does Zemo have any black friends? He also refuted Sam’s frustration over his disguise, saying: “Only Americans would think that a well-dressed black man looks like a pimp.” I…what? Will Zemo listen Solange?Unfortunately, this aspect of his personality fell aside [sigh] They tried to reach an agreement with the British lady Selby who had the necessary intelligence. Sorry, this scene is like “James Bond quote, but no sense of humor or sense of humor” to me. After Selby’s murder, Sharon’s reintroduction of our characters even felt like a failure in writing. In fact, the whole plot has some strange features.

I think this is the biggest problem of “Power Broker”. Even for a moment, for example, Walker shouted “Do you know who I am?” to a German coffee shop owner. Karli really killed a few people with a car bomb in a profane manner, but the plot is very different from last week. Out of sync.

Finally, the worst aspect of the show is how to get the best part of the show into trouble. Sam and Bucky barely spoke, nor checked their plans. Sam did ask Bucky several times, but Bucky didn’t even seem to know how to answer. When Bucky asked him, Sam told him that he was trapped by the people in the crossfire (especially Sharon and Isaiah). Although he did withdraw his decision to give up the shield, he felt that he should destroy it.

Wandering Observation

  • I’m pretty sure that due to the conversation between Sam and Sarah, both this episode and the past two episodes passed the Blackdel test, which is the black version of the Bechdel test. (They also passed the “DuVernay test. “)
  • Even the club scene was disappointing. They left the next day, as if they were fighting hard, but Sam and Bucky stood up awkwardly! Zemo did a little dance, but I don’t understand why they can’t go all out to provide us with gifts equivalent to MCU This scene From Parks and leisure.
  • The scene of Nagel reminds me of This scene From The man from UNCLEOf course, the latter is better.Nagel seems to be leading Lex Luthor of Jesse Eisenberg from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.
  • I do like the battle scenes in Sharon-her use of a knife in a gunfight reflects Steve’s best condition. When he returned as a winter soldier, Bucky was also in good shape.
  • I expect Zemo to get them into trouble. I really hope he can give Sam some snake cocktails and even poison the food he serves Sam and Bucky so kindly. who is he?
  • When they were hanging out with Sharon in her amazing apartment (can I believe it?), Bucky said, “She’s a bit lousy now.” Lie to himself because he knows he will never be so cool, even if He is still alive for another hundred years
  • Sam’s embarrassing call is just a way to calm the humor? suspense? I want to know more why he brought the phone, rather than why he can’t put the phone in airplane mode.
  • I want to know if Sharon killed Selby. I don’t think she works for Power Broker, but I am curious about her current loyalty.

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