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Sealed Pokemon Blue shocked fans after missing Nintendo games for more than 20 years

When their parents revealed the gifts they lost more than 20 years ago, Pokemon fans were shocked: Pokemon Blue For Nintendo Game Boy! The story was posted on Reddit by user Lanai, who also shared images of the game, which looked as original as it was when it was released in North America in 1998. Considerable money on eBay. A 9.4 graded copy can now be found, and the price is about $20,000. It is not difficult to imagine that this copy has achieved similar results.

Lanai’s original Reddit post can be found below.

My parents called and asked if I was interested in the new Pokémon game. Not exactly expecting this. From r / gaming

Currently, Pokemon’s earliest merchandise tends to be very expensive, especially if it is highly rated. However, it is worth noting that Lanai has no plans to sell the game. In a follow-up post, Reddit users explained that their parents intend to give them the game as a birthday gift.When it got lost, they bought them a copy Pokemon Red, Instead. Lanai detailed what the Pokemon series means to them and all their fond memories of playing games with their family. In this way, gifts are more meaningful than money!

Given Pokemon red and blueTherefore, it is not surprising that the value of stamping is so great. After all, most people who buy a game are more likely to crack the game than to stay closed. In fact, this is why many older games tend to sell so high among collectors!


7;s great to hear such a story. In an era when everyone seems to be looking for Pokemon merchandise that can be used to make big money, long-term franchisees get a gift that anyone will be happy to own! Maybe Lanai will eventually decide to sell, but for now, their Pokémon series already has incredible new works.

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