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Science has proven that popular diets can cause lasting damage to your body

At some point, almost everyone considers dieting for some reason. For many people, it takes a few pounds to drop. For others, it is “enhanced” during strength training. Although being vigilant and aware of what you eat is a healthy decision, There is a difference between cleaning up food and reaching extreme conditions. As many experts will reiterate, diet is unsuccessful in the long run because many people will revert to their old habits, causing them to gain weight or lose profits.

In fact, one of the biggest problems with extreme diets and fad diets is that they are not sustainable. Dr. Josh Axe, the author of DNM, CNS, DC and the founder of Ancient Nutrition, said that they ask you to temporarily change your diet and diet, but they may not teach you healthier long-distance diets. More importantly, many popular eating habits can cause harm to your body, so it is important to think twice before getting to know any fashion. This is what you need to know about these current popular diets, as well as healthier weight loss tips. Be sure to check out our list of 1

5 actually underestimated weight loss tips.

Keto Food

You may have at least one friend who is an avid supporter of the keto diet. In this diet, you will strictly limit your carbohydrate intake while increasing your fat and protein intake. One of the reasons this method is so popular is because you lose a lot of weight quickly. However, celebrity chef and nutritionist Serena Poon warned that although this study does show that the keto diet can be effective in treating epilepsy, the long-term effects of the ketogenic diet on the general population are unclear.

Her main concern about ketones is that it tends to force people to consume excessive amounts of meat and ignore plant-based foods.

Paine said: “Vegetables and fruits are important sources of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, which can truly support optimal health.” “A lack of diet in these foods will cause you to lack nutrients and prevent diseases.”

In addition, she added that a diet high in red meat and saturated fat increases inflammation, which is a precursor to most chronic diseases.

This is why you need antioxidants in your diet and how to consume more antioxidants.

Juice bottle

“I’m in a juice wash” is a common word in sitcoms, especially when the character is trying to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time.

In fact, this diet is unsustainable, uncomfortable, and not good news for your overall health. As Dr. Ax explained, detox juice cleaners (such as The Master Cleanse or Cabbage Soup Diet) are usually very restrictive and low in calories, which may help to lose weight quickly.

He said: “However, they may also damage your metabolic rate.” “Obviously, this is the last thing you want when trying to improve your body composition.”

Why is this happening? When we cannot provide our body with enough energy through calories, it is forced to enter a metabolic state called “hunger mode”.

He said: “This causes you to maintain weight with fewer calories a day, which makes it difficult to lose weight or even maintain long-term maintenance.” In addition, you will also lose muscle mass!

Here are ten signs that juice cleaning is forged.

Alkaline diet

Frankly speaking, Keith Thomas-Ayoob of EdD, RD, FAND called this diet absurd. Through this diet, you reduce acidic foods, which claim to cause poor health. Instead, you add alkaline foods to your diet, which are said to help your body balance its pH and be beneficial. But as Thomas-Ayoob said, there is no reliable science to support this, and our body has the ability to deal with acid-base balance and its pH. And our diet has little effect on this function.

He said: “This diet removes many nutritious foods, including fish, whole grains and dairy products, all of which contain nutrients that are difficult to obtain in other foods.” “For example, it has a very low omega-3 fat content. , Because fatty fish (almost all fish) and nuts like walnuts are banned, which also contain omega-3 fats.”

This is dangerous because omitting a good source of Omega-3s is not ideal for promoting optimal heart health. In addition, Thomas-Ayoob said that minimizing dairy products is a good way to limit your ability to get enough calcium, because most people lack enough calcium, which is a nutrient of concern .

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Healthy Vegetables Plant-based Bowl Tomatoes Carrots Carrots Avocado Brown Rice Cucumber Green Leafy Vegetables

First of all, Paine said: A pure plant-based diet can support optimal health. However, the transition from meat eating to vegetarianism will require some necessary changes and the right food choices. As Poon said, she often said that people would “go vegan,” but most of their diets add meat substitutes, such as fast food packaged by vegans.

She said: “These are still processed foods. Although they may be better than mainstream brands in name, they are usually not healthy foods.” “Many packaged foods contain processed ingredients, such as refined grains, added sugars, and inflammation-causing ingredients. Oil, this is the harbinger of most diseases.”

If you choose to be plant-based, then Poon’s focus is to eat healthy plants and supplement any vitamins and minerals that may be missing from your diet.

Healthy breakfast

No, you did not eat reptiles in this diet. However, it may still squirm you. As Dr. Ax explained, this method involves eating a big meal every other day and nothing else. Its purpose is to lose weight quickly through long-term fasting. There are several stages in the diet. The first stage only consumes about 3,500 calories per week, which is far below the average requirement of adults.

He said: “It does not emphasize the importance of nutritional quality. If you are a person who likes to socialize with others, it is difficult to put it into practice.” “For some people, fasting may also be difficult, leading to brain development. Problems such as fog, mood swings and difficulty sleeping.”

Someone eats a military diet plan at lunch

As it sounds, the military diet is restrained and repetitive. As explained by Dr. Ax, this method usually involves eating the same foods over and over, while insisting on not getting enough calories. Only 800 to 1,100 calories are consumed a few days a week.

He said: “The diet included in this diet is somewhat unusual and not necessarily the most nutritious. It consists of foods including cheese, eggs, crackers and ice cream.”

People who support this diet claim that you may lose up to 10 pounds in less than a week.

He said: “But remember, just because the number on the scale may decrease when you take this diet, it doesn’t mean that your body composition or health is actually improving.” The reduction in body fat may be related to Improvements in markers such as insulin sensitivity are related, but weight loss alone may mean that you are losing weight in other areas that you never want to include muscle mass. “

In addition, when you don’t eat enough, it negatively affects your brain and your ability to concentrate, remember things, and be creative.

He said: “If you don’t refuel correctly, you are more likely to feel tired, sluggish and foggy, you may even damage your immune system due to dietary stress, or even get sick more easily,” he said. .

Woman taking medicine

This is right: the HCG diet includes taking HCG hormones to reduce weight. This is a hormone that is produced in the body during pregnancy and is usually administered only by prescription for infertility.

Although most experts have warned about the HCG diet, Poon said that because it is expected to lose weight quickly, there are still people who try to use it. Taking HCG is not only dangerous (unless your doctor prescribes medicine), calorie restriction is both problematic and harmful.

In this way of eating, Paine explained that you only eat 500 calories a day. Yes, that’s right: 500!

She said: “You may lose weight quickly mainly due to calorie restriction, but you may also experience symptoms such as fatigue, depression, blood clots, irregular heartbeat, vitamin deficiency or electrolyte imbalance,” she said. “The risks definitely outweigh the benefits. I will avoid this diet anyway.”

According to experts, in addition to these diets, you may also want to read our “Most Unhealthy Diets 2020” list.

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