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Schumer: The Senate will take action on the legalization of marijuana with or without Biden

You said during the 2020 election that McConnell’s opposition to the marijuana policy is the main content of the policy. But do you know or believe that there are other Republicans who support the removal of marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act?

Yes it is. What we have to do is to introduce our comprehensive bill first, and then start to sit down with people who disagree on both sides, A) try to educate them, B) see their opposition, and whether they have some changes that will not interfere with the bill The main idea-if we can attract more people to participate, we will of course listen to some suggestions. This is not to say that we are going to lose something, such as deleting records- [things that are] It is very important to us-just because some people don̵

7;t like it.

When it comes to record deletion, most criminal records are at the state level, not at the federal level. Do you think the federal government should urge the states to abolish these records?

Yes it is.

how is it?

Although we can’t ask for it, we can get a variety of different incentives-incentives and restraints.

Along these lines of thinking, dehumanization and legalization are things that many people don’t fully understand. You actually told reporters yesterday that you called it “decriminalization” because it legalized the states. Just to clarify, when you say decriminalization…

Personally, it is for legalization. The bill we are going to propose is going in this direction.

Will it completely eliminate cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act?

Oh you have to wait. I don’t want to know more about our bill. You will have to wait and see.

The vice president sponsored [comprehensive legalization legislation] There were more bills in the last Congress. Did she participate in all these legality lectures?

We want her to be involved, but we have not yet.

You said that the timetable for the bill will come soon. Does this mean we will see it in the next two weeks?

I will stick to what I said: soon.

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