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Scammers target people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, promising prizes or cash

It seems that it is not enough to be cautious about existing scams, so the scams are now aimed at people who have received a certain dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and are expected to receive prizes or cash.

In the latest warning from the US Department of Justice, consumers have received investigations from scammers via email and text messages. Consumers were told that as a gift for filling out the questionnaire, they could choose to receive various prizes, such as iPad Pro. According to the news, consumers only need to pay for shipping and handling fees-which will expose the victim’s personal information (such as their credit card number) to the scammer.

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The Department of Justice would like to remind people that unless the investigation comes from a known and verified source, you should never click on a link in a message purporting to be a vaccine investigation.

The department wrote on its website: “Please double-check any messages from the company and do not click on links in unsolicited emails or text messages. Remember, the company will not usually contact you and ask you to enter a user Name or password.”


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If you receive a text message or email claiming to be a COVID-19 vaccine investigation and containing links to other contact information, the department requires you to report to the National Disaster Fraud Center (NCDF) at 866-720-5721.Or you can also submit a report online through the disaster fraud website

If you think you may be a victim of a fraudulent website, the Department of Justice says you can visit the identity theft website of the Federal Trade Commission.

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