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Sandy Alderson had the opportunity to run the Mets, but Wilpons did not intervene

This was spring training a few years ago. The Mets seem to have changed the media rules for no reason, restricting access to the clubhouse.

There are fingerprints of Jeff Wilpen on it. At the time I was a senior reporter at the camp and was asked if I could reverse it. I thought Sandy Alderson would provide a fair hearing and possibly help, so I submitted the case to the then General Manager of Metropolis. The answer I got is that Alderson agrees with this argument and believes that the new policy is poorly conceived and meaningless.

However, over the years, he has learned that when dealing with the Wilbons, there are only so many bullets in his gun. Therefore, I am happy to learn that although Alderson may agree, he may not persuade Wilpen to promote, demote, acquire, or acquire at any time of the day or night when it takes time, energy, and persuasiveness. The reporter’s energy was wasted on intelligence time. Deal-or just talk to one of the bosses about the wrong idea that affects baseball operations.

If you want to know why Alderson would return-if Steve Cohen is approved as everyone, then it is-when he is a cancer survivor who turns 73 in November, please consider this story. His friends in the game will tell you more things you like. there are more. By the end of his eight-year tenure, Alderson was no longer exhausted by age or cancer. These allies will tell you that, in addition to endless interventions from the sky, the weird requirement lies in his bosses’ inability to surpass. next. Press conference. He was exhausted to figure out which battles to fight in situations that were important to varying degrees.

He would always wonder how he would manage the franchise rights of this big market if he was allowed to supervise from a height instead of those cartoon-like Wile E. Coyote two-ton Acme anvils hanging over his head to conceal funds. What should I do? Slow down the speed of decision-making or on a whim.

Now it can be rewritten. Cohen announced in a statement on Thursday that if car owners vote to approve him between Halloween and Thanksgiving, he will appoint Alderson as team president, overseeing commercial and baseball operations.

Cape Cohen is transparent. He is a flawed candidate. When he needed 23 votes to get approval, someone opposed him. People worry about his history of insider trading, sexism, and what his huge salary of 1

5 billion US dollars means. For Cohen, Alderson is both a cleansing agent and a political whip, making the votes unanimous.

Alderson is the general manager of Bash Brother A, and therefore has connections with organizations known for steroid use. But this never really damaged his reputation. Alderson is a member of the Marine Corps of the Vietnamese Marine Corps. He has worked in the Major League Baseball (MLB) team and the Commissioner’s Office for 40 years, leaving each team with integrity and integrity on the whole. Impression of loyalty.

An ally of Alderson said: “Sandy will become Cohen’s supervisor. He is the kind of person who will make owners more assured that Cohen will follow the rules.”

President of Mets Sandy Alderson
Sandy Alderson and Fred WilpenCharles Wenzeberg/The New York Post

This is not to say that Cohen does not understand and respect Alderson. He has been a limited owner of Mets since 2012, so he has held this position during Alderson’s General Motors administration (2011-2018). They speak a common language in terms of business, technology and long-term strategy.

Cohen recently pledged to let baseball guys manage the baseball department. But George Steinbrenner expressed his hope: “In terms of operating the Yankees, we plan to abstain from ownership.” So you never know. Cohen has a strong and personalized personality. He will come up with ideas about running a team that he has dreamed of and wanted to own all his life. The history of his hedge fund has a strong sense of supervision for his executives, and so does his production or other methods.

If Alderson wants autonomy in baseball games, it is because Cohen loves the Mets, but the hedge fund already exists in his genes, and he will not turn his attention to maintaining prosperity. In this case, what would Alderson do? Cohen’s statement included: “Sandy is an accomplished and respected baseball executive who agrees with my philosophy of building an organization and team in the right way.” It must be like Brody Van Wagening (Brodie Van Wagenen) lens.

If they think Cohen’s “right way” is more internal than signing each of George Springer and JT Realmuto, then it will help Cohen stand with other owners. In this field, time is a good thing for Alderson representatives. His regime drafted two Rookie of the Year (Michael Fulmer and Pete Alonso). His initial first-round pick was Brandon Nemo, and the last six were Dominic Smith, Michael Confort, Anthony Kay, Justin Dunn, David Peterson and Jared Key. Rinich is a model of Metropolis success, or part of a deal that has failed so far under Van Wagenen. Andres Gimenez, Luis Guillorme, Jeff McNeil and Seth Lugo were also originally signed during Alderson’s tenure.

Therefore, it will be a frustrating thing if Van Wagning stays, because: 1) Van Wagning is considered to be allied with Jeff Wilpen, and Cohen does not like Jeff Wilpen, And 2) Alderson doesn’t appreciate how his doomsday record is with the Mets and keeps silent, because that is his nature-plus his son Bryn is still Van Wagenen as professional scout director.

If Van Wagening left, what would Alderson do? The general manager will be regarded as the junior partner. Alderson has a collaborative style, but he will be the final decision. Therefore, those who wish to recommend to ownership, such as Theo Epstein or David Stearns, will not show up. Alderson has close ties with his former senior lieutenant Paul DePodesta (Paul DePodesta), but it can be said that DePodesta is very close to the chief operating officer of Cleveland Browns. satisfaction.

Alderson’s two most trusted assistants on the Mets, JP Ricciardi (now a special advisor to the Giants) and John Ricco (remaining on the Mets but in non-baseball positions at Van Wagenen) may be famous, although they may not General manager. Don’t ignore Alderson’s open mind. He even entered his last management search without knowing Mickey Callaway and chose him. This turns out to be a mistake, but it shows that Alderson has a wildcard side.

However, his firm side is that most people are interested in what Cohen wants and needs now, and Cohen provided the former Alderson Marines with the opportunity to complete tasks that he considered incomplete.

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