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Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto interrupted the Trump campaign press conference after allegations of election fraud.

USA Today

Fox News host Sandra Smith (Sandra Smith) has become Twitter after a popular segment aired on the Internet on Saturday showing her reaction to guest comments in the “US News Room” outside the camera. topic of.

In the video broadcast on social media, Smith raised his eyes and shook his head, while the Washington, D.C. lawyer, Cleta Mitchell, said: “It’s just because CNN said, or even Fox News, that it was People’s presidents did not make them presidents.”

Major networks such as CNN, The Associated Press, and Fox News reported that Democratic candidate Joe Biden surpassed 270 electoral votes and won the presidential race after Pennsylvania was finally asked to be appointed as the former vice president.

Smith, whose microphone was still on, doubted Mitchell’s comments.

“What? What’s wrong? Trace, we call it “Trace”.

Fox News: Cut Trump campaign press conference

When receiving comments, Mitchell directed USA Today to a tweet she posted on the topic.

She wrote next to the viral clip on Monday: “Sandra Smith thinks Fox News called the election Biden’s president. Forget the nasty Constitution… It’s nice to be considered A crazy job because I believe in the rule of law,”

Fox News did not respond to a request for comment from USA Today.

At the same time, on Monday, Neil Cavuto of Fox News broke into a report on Monday’s Kayleigh McEnany’s Trump campaign press conference, and was unconfirmed and ” The phone was suddenly interrupted after the “explosive” voter fraud allegations.

The White House Press Secretary McEnany (McEnany), a federal employee, spoke “in a personal capacity” as a Trump presidential campaign adviser and spokesperson. He was explaining that President Donald Trump refused to make concessions.

Soon after McEnany claimed that the Democrats “welcome fraud” and “welcome illegal voting,” Cavuto appeared at his desk on the Fox split screen and stopped real-time reporting on the network.

Cavato said of McKenney’s statement: “Wow, wow, wow, I just have to be very clear.” “She accused the other party of welcoming fraud and welcoming illegal voting. Unless she has more details to support this, Otherwise I cannot continue to show you this well.”

Contributor: Bryan Alexander


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