Samsung has been operating its own app store, the Galaxy Store, for several years, in case the relationship between Samsung and Google deteriorates, which seems to be a backup ecosystem. There is not much reason to use the Galaxy Store on the Play Store, but Samsung is now taking advantage of the ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Google through new marketing methods.

Samsung announced today that it will “relaunch” the Galaxy Store, focusing on the game, but the only change is that the tab bar at the bottom will be modified. The store is now divided into two sections, “Games” and “Apps”, and has the option to view the Galaxy Watch app moved to the new scroll bar at the top.

The “restart” is mainly to remind people that they can still download Fortnite from Galaxy Apps because Samsung doesn’t care whether Epic Games uses its own payment system for in-app purchases. Samsung also emphasized the existence of the Xbox Game Pass application in the Play Store, but the in-app purchase of games and DLC is limited to the Galaxy Store version. None of these apps are new-the Xbox app appeared alongside the Galaxy Note20, and Fortnite has been on the Galaxy Store since 2018.

For Samsung, it is wise to use its sudden Fortnite exclusivity as a marketing for the Galaxy Store, but the game APK can also be downloaded from Epic Games. The dispute between Google and Epic will not be resolved soon, as the trial between the two companies may not take place until February 2022 at the earliest.