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Samsung will “surpass” the new earbuds launched with the Galaxy S21?

In the past two years, Samsung has launched new wireless earbuds along with its flagship Galaxy S series. It actually launched two of them in 2020. Galaxy Buds + was launched with Galaxy S20, and Galaxy Buds Live was launched with Galaxy Note 20.

It is safe to say that we are also expected to see a pair of new wireless earbuds on the Galaxy S21. A new trademark application indicates that this time Samsung may have used a different name for the headset.

Buds Beyond may launch with Galaxy S21

Our friends are Galaxy Club It was discovered that Samsung had applied for the “Buds Beyond” trademark in the European Union. The trademark application was submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office yesterday, and the scope involved is the same as that of the earlier Buds equipment.

So far, nothing is known about “Bud Bud”

;. If anyone speculates, they will only be an upgraded version of Galaxy Buds +, with some small improvements in design. Whether there will be active noise cancellation and other functions remains to be seen.

If there is a historical record, we may see Buds Beyond released together with the Galaxy S21 series. The company is used to offering new earplugs as pre-order gifts, so it makes sense to provide a pair of new headphones. Of course, Galaxy Buds Live is not outdated, so if Samsung does not plan to launch new phones, they can still use them.

What is certain is whether new earplugs will be on the agenda as more leaks emerge in the coming weeks. We have already revealed that the Galaxy S21 series will be launched in early January 2021.

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