In the past few years, mobile games have grown at an alarming rate-it’s incredible how far mobile phones have come since the advent of “Candy Crush”, especially in terms of graphics performance. Samsung has always been eager to maintain an important position in this ever-expanding market, repositioning its Galaxy Store in the gaming sector, and placing new emphasis on the release of graphics driver updates. As early as 201

9, Samsung and AMD announced a partnership to apply Radeon technology to smartphones. Now, as hinted at today at the Exynos 2100 event, the results of this partnership seem almost achievable.

In the final stage of the Exynos event, Samsung mocked its plans to use AMD GPUs in its “next flagship” products.Now, the wording here is small ambiguous.Samsung’s next flagship product is of course the Galaxy S21, and we know that these phones can Do not Contains AMD graphics hardware. If so, what does Samsung’s true flagship product mean in the future?

According to the leaker Ice Universe, the 2100 announced today is just the beginning, and future chipsets with AMD GPUs will be released this year and may enter the Galaxy Z Fold3. I must say that the idea of ​​putting a mobile phone in a pocket that can be inserted into an AMD-powered gaming tablet makes me excited – mobile gaming has greatly exceeded many of us’s expectations of current hardware, thus driving the development of graphics. You will be excited about what the developers will do after seeing this powerful new technology come out.