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Sailors experience tragedy, which is new and different

I hope that sadness has gone through five stages. This will be much easier. Ok, We will say to ourselves. I denied it in the past. There are already a quarter of acceptance. Unfortunately, just like the PTA conference or the 32-ounce Jamba Juice, a sad experience is impossible, and it’s not as advertised at all.

Of course, we are all familiar with rejection. After the tragedy, the brain cannot stop thinking: Well, that happened. But what if not? Just a few minutes ago, this hadn’t happened yet.

After all, what is the difference between before and after? Literally, everything is the same, except for the things we want different.

Well, of course, denial will gradually disappear, and it will usually gradually evolve into anger, so it is the “five stages”

; paradigm. What they didn’t tell you was refusing to show up again. There is anger, there is bargaining, there is frustration, but there is more denial. This denial is usually spread in frustration and anger. Then you go back to the topic. All the time, you stare blankly at the people around you, thinking strangely that they behave as if the world is not completely different.

Today is a beautiful day. It was a unique spring in Seattle. This day became cool and warm, because the sun was shining on a city that finally began to show life. It was easy to get rid of the 6-0 Monday night loss as we settled down to watch the Canadian hero start his first Mariners appearance in nearly three years.

Within a few minutes, the optimism turned into terror with an open mouth.

James Paxton experienced “left elbow discomfort” about 30 pitches in the first game of the 2021 season, which did not change his life. Hell, this is not particularly surprising. But this is tragic.

For James Paxton (James Paxton), this is tragic, he has never broken a season of 160 games, and he only hopes to finally enter the season he knows he is capable.

For the Mariners fans, this is tragic. They will most likely have to endure 90 years of loss while grabbing as much straw as possible. Paxton is a particularly attractive straw. And there are five straws.

I know that the Mariners’ 2-1 performance in the opening series against the Giants does not represent the entire season. But, guys, I don’t think the sailors would ever wipe out the enthusiasm of the season more thoroughly if they tried.

On the one hand, you have Paxton. As I was writing this article, Scott Servais told reporters that Paxton’s “left forearm muscles were tight.” On the surface, this may be as good as the news is. Compared with the initially reported “left elbow discomfort”, the “left forearm” had a much smaller premonition. Having said that, Paxton will have an MRI examination tomorrow, but no one knows what it will show. Paxton will miss time. There is indeed a lot of time.

On the other hand, you have [gestures at the rest of the Mariners]. I am fully aware that any reaction to the team’s performance in just five games is an overreaction.But those five games are all we have to do, and they look Terrible. I mean, Terrible. Just as interesting as a comeback on the opening day, the Giants handed over the game to the sailors more than the sailors actually did to win the game.

About the first week or two of the baseball season, the best part is that every fan group somehow found a way to convince themselves that this could be this year. Some paths may be narrow and dangerous, but every team does have a path.

The event of the game tonight is equivalent to an avalanche covering the sailor’s path. That was the worst path this game could take, and it happened in the fifth game of the season. The rest of the climb is not impossible, but my feeling is much worse than this morning.

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